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Rossignol Axium 110 binding ?

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Settled on some Line Prophet Flite's for my wife at our local shop.  Thanks for all the input on that.  Went with 165 length.


Shop has ONLY Rossi Axium 110 bindings in at the moment.  They don't look like anything special. Seem lightweight, which woudl be a plus.  He is getting Look PX Jib's in next week.  



So, is the Axium 110 decent?  Or should I wait for the Jib - or look for something online and have them mount em up for me?




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Don't know if it helps much in your case, but I've got a pair of last year's Prophet 100's in 172 that I just had mounted with Rossi Axial² 120 Ti XL's.  I think for my own ski abilities this should see me through a good number of seasons yet.  Yeah, the ladies out ski me on a regular basis.  And I'm all good with that.  :)



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Thanks Uillean...still debating.  Haven't found much info on the Axium 110 anywhere.

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Have you looked on the Rossi site?  Don't know if they had the L or S model, but:


Axium 100 L


Axium 100 S


Both look to be pretty basic entry level, low DIN set-ups.  Lightweight, and certainly not for charging and bumps.  The S has a pretty narrow brake, though the L looks to give you an 85.  Bear in mind your wife's flights are a 90mm waisted ski, so this brake will need to be bent to fit properly.


What sort of level is your wife skiing at these days?  Is she just beginning, or a bit more advanced?  This binder strikes me a really geared towards a complete novice, with the DIN maxing out at 10, and the lightweight plastics used in it's construction.


The Looks are going to be a beefier set up (slightly heavier) but would last a lot longer I would expect - both in terms of years of useable life, and also allowing your wife to progress to a higher level of skiing.  They also have a 100mm brake I believe, which wouldn't require any modification to fit the ski right out of the box.  Not that bending a brake is hard of course, but I've always been of a mind that trying to buy things that fit well without modification is the best choice - if a choice exists.  YMMV...



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I am also a lighter (115 lbs.) skier currently trying to decide on bindings for a Kastle FX 94. The bindings that have been recommended to me (here and elsewhere) are: Marker Squire and Griffon; Look PX 12 Jib, Salomon Sth, and Knee Bindings 9 something. One of the factors seems to be bindings front (AFD) width to effectively transfer forces to the wide ski. I don't have my own answer yet (it may come down to best deal). I am also considering the Squire Schizo to let me tweak the fore/aft position. No answers but some others to look at.

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When I looked, I just couldn't bring myself to jump on the Marker band wagon.  Didn't like the look, the weight or the price.  Maybe I'm just misguided!  Be that as it may, I liked the Rossi for my own ability and skis.  The Prophets I have at 100 underfoot needed a wider brake, and the Axial² 120 XL fit perfectly.  Somewhere I seem to recall seeing something about this particular binder having a wider mount and therefore being more well suited to fatter skis.  Could have been just marketing fluff, as I expect any decent binder (yeah, even Markers) work just as well if mounted correctly and coupled with a great boot and fit.


In fairness I'm also not what anyone would ever mistake for a "lighter" skier either.  hehehe  At 5'6" and 165 I could stand to loose a little.  My guess is that my extra mass might help me to get to the bottom quicker (didn't say with steeze...just 'quicker').  Either that or kill myself that much faster on some crazy run somewhere.  Either way, I'm sure it'll be funny to watch!

Ask me about goggles...that at least I know for sure!  beercheer.gif



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