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Hi everyone,


I'm looking at the vaunted Cochise and still on the fence about what length to get.

I've heard good points for the 177 and the 185 from different people I respect.

I'm wondering if anyone has actually skied the 177 and the 185? I believe that only the 185 was available at most of the demos.


I'm 5'9 and 168 lbs, 42, in decent shape, and ski in Tahoe. I ski fine, and am currently on 176cm gold gotamas for soft snow/powder days, which I like. This would be my powder/soft snow ski, but it needs to good for the part of the day when it's skied out, not just "wide open bowls". Only other experience on rockered skis was a short demo of the One, on hardpack only, and it certainly felt short, but I understand the flipcore series ski longer.


Feedback appreciated, thanks.