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East Coast All-Mountain: Solomon Twenty-Twelve?

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Does anyone have any input on how the Solomon Twenty-Twelve would match up as an East Coast all-mountain ski? I ski mainly in NY,Vermont in the trees/bumps everything except park really. It seems that these were designed as a park ski, but I've been curious since they have camber underfoot and rockered tips. I'm wondering if it would be too soft at high speeds on the hard stuff. I've also been looking at some other skis like the Atomic Theory/Völkl Bridge. If anyone has any input it would be appreciated. 

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I'm not knowledgeable about that particular ski but hopefully, if I bump this someone will see it.


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I am 42 and have skied since I was 7 and I ski the 2012's.  Just look at the ski and feel its flex characteristics.  It's not a park and pipe ski.  It is one of the 10 best all around skis on the planet and maybe better than that.


People see me on that ski all the time and ask me about it and I just tell them to get out of their shell and wake up.


Tip and Tail rocker, camber underfoot, full sidewall and Salomon construction. 


Absolutely, confidently say you will rip that ski and it will NEVER let you down.  Trees, Bumps, Deep, Drops, etc... But the most amazing thing is how it carves.  It can carve anything.


I also ski off the beaten track as much as possible.


Incredible ski. 


Your research is good and you are on the right track.



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Awesome. Was it a weird transition to be center-mounted? I've always skied traditional. Did you have to size up because of the rocker? I was previously skiing 172 Scott Punishers, they have early rise, but not as much as the Twenty-Twelves.

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The only thing weird is looking at them with all the extra tail hanging out.  But I read some reviews that said ABSOLUTELY DO NOT MOUNT THESE SKIS ANYTHING OTHER THAN CENTER so I mounted them center.


You will forget about it as soon as you ski.


Remember, there is tail rocker too so that affects your contact points with the snow.


I am 6' and 160lbs and ski the 179's.  I can ski whatever I want but this length is a great blend for me b/c I like bumps and trees too and why bother with too much length?  Granted, not the ski I would bring to AK but we are talking about on and off piste east coast with the yearly trek to Snowbird or A Basin.


By way of comparison I came off the Kendos and into the 2012s and, for my style of skiing, the 2012's destroy the Kendos.


Although I started skiing young, I actually snowboarded for a 20 year stint.  I have also surfed since I was 12.  I worked in ski shops for years in my teens and early 20s mounting and tuning skis and boards.  To this day, nobody touches my skis except me.  I say this to qualify that my ideas about what makes a good carving ski and all around ski have NOTHING to do with the way a company markets the ski.  To me its all about, shape, flex, materials, and construction.


Check out this review below.  When a shredder like Mike says this ski kills it - I am all in bro.




If you buy it, please PM me and let me know how the ski goes.

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Swellhunter,  Do you think that at 70" 160# and coming off level 9 skiing on Dynastar Mythic Riders in 172 that 171 would be too short?  I'm hunting a great deal and that is the longest they have...Looking for a great tree ski for out west that will also do everything else ok...



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