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Whistler looking good for a mid-Dec trip?

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I see Whistler about to open on the 18th with a 55" base. That certainly sounds healthy.


Been waiting to see how viable a December trip would be (probably the week of the 12th).


Is Whistler off to a good start as I'm assuming?


Of course, I suppose there's always the looming threat of rain @ Whistler. How significantly does that threat decline we move into winter and further on?


I'm still not sure I'm ready to book, but flights are cheap right now. Very tempted.

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Hello Greenlander... Definitely looks like a good start to the season for Whistler!


Based on past years, and the fact we have La Nina this year, I suspect mid December could be pretty stellar... Dec has been an awesome month for the past few years if I remember correctly.  In terms of base, we're looking like it could be shaping out to be really good.


But one huge caveat is that our weather here can flip overnight and (as u mentioned) rain is the key culprit.. you could have weeks of great fresh snow and then suddenly a period of rain. There is almost no way you can plan ahead for this... it's like the stock market - past performance is no indicator of future performance.  The best way to plan, if you can be nimble enough, is make your travel commits as last minute as possible (a matter of days) such that you can see the forecasted freezing level for the upcoming 5 days or so in the Alpine Forecast (http://www.whistlerblackcomb.com/weather/forecast/index.htm) and show up during that window.  A FL of less than 1000m is good, less than 1500m is ok, and anything higher could be a significant damper on your experience here.


For more info on freezing levels, take a look at the Freezing Levels tab on the link above. Most intermediate skiers spent their time in the 1500-1800m range with advance skiers venturing in the 1500-2200 range.


Hope this helps...Good luck!

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Thanks for the feedback. Definitely helps.


I'm always happy to make last minute plans. When I typically travel in December, I do this without worry. However, I do it by booking with Southwest sometime in mid-November ... with no fear of having to change since SW doesn't have change fees. Unfortunately, they don't fly to Canada ... so unless I feel like flying to Seattle and driving from there, SW is out.


I'm less eager to book with Continental or Delta and lose a couple hundred dollars in value if I have to rebook. Not the end of the world, but not something I'd do without reservation.


And, of course, waiting till last minute to book flights will mean big $$. I'll happily wait till last minute to book everything else.

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Looking excellent - about an 80 cm base today and 2 metres of snow forecast over the next 10 days. Awesome!!!

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