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Plan for a kid at St Anton - Arlberg

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Hello all:


I have booked a trip to the Arlberg over the holidays.  I have read in these pages that St Anton is not necessarily the most kid friendly resort around.  So my question:  now that I have committed, what do I do with my little buddy?


My son is 7 and is becoming a very good skier.  Last season we were in Utah - he bombs blues and double blues and can pick his way through softer blacks.  Like all kids, he prefers sheltered rather than exposed skiing, and he is starting to tune in to terrain parks and race courses.


We will be mobile so we can move around to other resorts like Lech and Zuers.


All ideas are much appreciated.



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I've been considering St Anton recently and read a lot about it having good off piste, good snow record and good Apre.  


Not exactly sure what you are asking re your little buddy- which ski school, which runs, where to stay???  You might get a response here, but I would guess you would have more luck over at Snowheads as they are more likely to have taken their kids to St Anton or know someone who has.

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Make sure you get him some T-Bar practice time before you go. You will need to ride some (although they have been taking them down), and you don't want his first time to be on a steep T-Bar with 500 Germans lined up behind him and a liftie that doesn't speak English.

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We went there when I was eight and the militaristic ski school nearly killed my buzz for the sport. But that was a long, long, long time ago. Hear it's better now. 

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The only ski-school kids I noticed when I was in St. Anton were the tiny ones in the little ski kindergarten. That said, they seemed to be having fun and the workers looked like they knew what they were doing, kneeling down to talk face to face and so on. On the Ski Club of GB website, there were a couple of reviews from people with kids, and they had good things to say about the ski school.


If you're really worried, I'd say ask for one of the female instructors. In the few resorts I've been to in the Alps, the women teaching kids always seemed to be very kid-friendly. That's not to say the men are unfriendly. I've seen some guides and instructors who were all smiles.

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I skied St. Anton last year and you and your kid are going to absolutely love the place!!  He'll be able to ski from the very top cable car.  As said above, riding a T-bar will be the hardest part, but if he's a good skier already, that won't be a problem. Europe has piste and non-piste.  Piste is basically a groomer, all those marked pistes on the ski map are groomers which your son will easily handle.  Make sure you do the White Ring at Lech, start your adventure first thing in the morning.

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Thank you all for the ideas.  


My son is not bad on a T-bar, but I am sure he will eventually get distracted, sit and tumble down the hill.


My experience with European ski schools for kids has not been great so far and I had not thought about putting him into classes, but if what CV reports is right, I will have a look.


Snowbird - thanks for the tip on the White Ring.  I will do this for sure



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We just have very few t-bars all of which you don't have to use, unless you really want to, the one up at Valluga being an exception, bear in mind that the t-bars are able to operate in all kinds of weather, where the chairlifts cannot, especially because most of the chairlifts are with bubbles.


As for the ski school, should you decide to put him in a group lesson, most of the instructors are non-German speaking, or quit good at English and the kids are divided up into groups according to age and ski level, just like anywhere else in the world. 


A private lesson might be more the way to go, then you can split up the tuition an maybe ski for an hour together, at the end of the lesson.


Where to ski - well that certainly depends about the weather and snow conditions, there are plenty of runs that will suit a 7 year old boy. It's very easy to get to Zürs and Lech or Stuben, but don't forget the Rendl side of St. Anton has some lovely intermediate runs.


It can by quit crowed if you're here in the New Year week so some good planning and start early in the morning are some good advice.


Ask at your hotel and the lift company has an information service scattered 3-4 places over the St. Anton ski area, ask them and they will give you some good and informative advice.


I hope you'll get a lovely stay and come back to St. Anton in the future.smile.gif


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BTW, my comment above, while true, was kind of tongue-in-cheek. I've returned to St Anton numerous times since that week with my family long, long ago, and I rate the place no. 1 among European ski resorts. I'm sure the ski school is great now. A lot of Brits there, so English no doubt not a problem like it was in the day.

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The best day of skiing I have had in 50 years, was the one day magical day we spent at St. Anton.  Go enjoy, soak it up, and bring your Visa Card!

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Albergextreme - Thank you for the thoughts - and I will think about the private lesson, my son has enjoyed this in the past (und er kann ein bisschen deutsch verstehen).  


Everyone - I am getting really excited!  thanks.  A

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Here is a TR from Easter 09, with my then just turned 6 year old. This was Lech-Zurs, we skied 7 days straight, no respite, and Dad was a rank beginner, 2nd season skiing. I believe your kid will have a blast - of course Ullr-god-willing on the snow cover front. Have fun.



Also, others here gave us great counsel which is also on that thread.


We never made it to St. Anton, did not have the time, too much to ski. 7 days of bluebird skies, not much new snow but we never felt the difference, it was slushy by 2pm but who noticed, we were wiped out everyday! Best part of skiing in the Arlberg, your child is going to ski for 7 days at a total cost of 10Euro for lift tickets.

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