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Which skis - East (Ontario, Canada) - Developing Intermediate

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Looking for some ski advise.  The choices are a bit overwhelming when I have no knowledge of what all these features, technologies mean.  I'm reading up, but any help I can get would be appreciated.

Where: Ontario, Canada (Horseshoe Valley, Blue Mountain, Mount St. Louis), on-piste
When: Started again last year after about 20 years.  Went 8 times in February-March 2011.  Plan to go a lot more this year since my 7 year old son is enjoying it big time.
Skis Used: Rentals, 165cm
Skill: Developing Intermediate.  Sking mostly on the blues, some blacks ( If I can see over the egde of the top of the hill I'll give'r a go ;) ), staying off the moguls for now, learning how to carve, skidding/sliding turns most of the time still
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 175
Age: 40
Boots That fit/feel the best so far: Salomon Impact 100CS


Skis recommended to me from a local shop: Atomic D2 VF 75 (166) w/Atomic Neox TL 12 bindings

Does that ski seem like a good fit based on the info I have supplied?  (Let me know if more info is required)

If those skis seem like a good match, can you recommend similar skis?

If they do not, can you recommend skis that would be better suited?

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That is a pretty good recommendation.  If you're happy with your store and can afford to support them, then you're set. 


If you want to have a few more choices and maybe save some cash by buying skis that are a few years old or even used, then I highly recommend you pay for a subscription to realskier reviews, and make a long short-list of skis that would also be suitable.  The review site rates skis according to ability at doing different things, and includes skier icons for whom the ski is appropriate.  Just pick skis that score top marks for carving, have a short turn radius, like say 13 m (or medium if you like speed, but the shorter the better for improving your technique on smaller hills like horseshoe and Mt. St. Louis Moonstone) which are still big enough to enjoy a 16 m radius), a broad speed range and include at least both a blue and a black skier icon. The reviews also go back quite a few years so you might find a real hidden gem of a bargain. 


BTW the ski you were recommended fits the above description and has a 14 m radius.

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My specs are similar to the OP -> 44yo, 5'9", 170 lbs, athletic, was away from skiing for 15+years.

I go to BlueMountain 6-8 times a year, and 1 annual trip to Austria.

My pal and I usually hang around at BM's North lift and ski the steep/fast runs there.


I used to ski your typcial narrow-waisted carving ski, at 67 mm underfoot.

These include Fischer Progressor 8+ and RX-8 Fire at 164 cm

( Plug: my RX-8 Fires are available for cheap and great condition ).


I jumped to a fatter ski ( PM Gear Bro 164 ) that are 99mm underfoot and vastly prefer them.

They are just as nimble, and bust through crud and mid-day buildup with ease without getting knocked around.


I just snagged & recieved ( via buy/sell here at Epic ) some Kastle LX92 that are 92mm underfoot in 174 length

I wanted to try something a little longer, and will give those a go at BM this season.


If not for the great deal on the Kastle's, I was strongly considering the Rossignal Experience 88 or 98.

If you are near GTA, check in at Corbetts Ski in Oakville.


- Andy  ( Waterloo )

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X2 Corbetts - Their online store is Action Sports Outlet and has some very good deals on new skis from previous seasons. You might give them a call and see what they suggest.


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If you're really hell-bent on new this year skis, come to Holiday Valley's Demo Day (usually within the first half of December)

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I am definitely not hell-bent on new and would definitely appreciate a savings (previous seasons). :)
I checked on Corbett's Ebay store and there is an 2011 Atomic D2 VF 75. 


As for the wider skis (+88), I was under the impression that they were more geared for powder. 

I think I will stay at the 74-78 range, unless someone can convince me otherwise.


Thanks for the recommendations and suggestions so far.


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Ski Canada mag is beta testing our new Ski Finder widget. You can input four key personal characteristics - weight, ability, style and usual snow conditions, select gender and category then click Get Skis to get Ski Canada Test recommendations. Example: looking in the On-Piste Cruisers category, male, moving the sliders to moderate weight (5), intermediate (3.5), no strong style characteristic (5) and hardpack (8) then click Get Skis to see top 3 and all results, which are all the skis tested in that category. 


Soon to be live on our website but Epic Ski readers can be among the first to use it: http://skifinder.dawnthots.ca/search/index

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