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Hello all... ski seasons a coming.  Just wanted to see if there might be some input on my ski choices i currently have.

First off.....  advanced intermediate skiier.

Ski east coast here..... and trying to fit in one to two trips a year to out west now.

boots:  Tecnica diablo's boot fitted and loving them.  i use these boots on my hardpack ski

ATomic VF72's  i do like the carving and enjoy it.... no problem with this ski

Boots: just bought some Scarpa Hurricanes and will be getting the fit completed by cam at sporting life.

Vokl bridge 2011 and love them too.....  mainly for the crud days here and and whenever i can get the chance really when the only opportunity isnt just hardpack/ice.

Armada JJ's.... ok here is my thing.  I bought these skiis last year, and they are to be my out west ski.  I have very little experience in powder or the really deep crud etc......  i was told these are a very good ski for beginners in the west coast stuff and would do the trick right.  So.... i guess i am just sort of having second thoughts before i mount them up i guess.  I have the TH16 bindings for them too.... So, is there a better ski for me and maybe not the right advice to go with these, or is it just my west coast fears of getting out into the deeper stuff just getting the better of me?  any advice and input is welcome....  thanks....