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Thanksgiving in Utah

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Hey my wife and I might be in SLC over Thanksgiving.  I know a few resorts are already open, but I was wondering if it would be worth it to bring the gear up to get a day of skiing in or not?  Never skied out west so this would be my 1st time.  My wife is a beginner btw.  I know a few resorts plan on opening this and next week as well. 



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Yes. Good storm this weekend. If you've never skied out west, this is a good opportunity. Not far from SLC to Cottonwood resorts.

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We will probaly be staying in the Park City area.  Hotels are really decent for Thanksgiving time.  I was thinking Alta, Solitude, or Snowbasin.

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At least bring your boots and proper clothing.  You could easily rent adequate skis.

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Why would it not be worth it? It's your first potential skiing out west and resorts will be open, what's the argument to not ski? Conditions may not be great, but it's gotta be better than not skiing, right?


Unless there's some freak storm, forget Snowbasin and Park City and focus on the Cottonwood Canyons. That early in the season, Snowbasin and Park City will just be getting open, if they're open at all. The Cottonwoods will have a few weeks under their belt, more snow and more terrain open.


Last year the day before Thanksgiving was a nice powder day.

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Do it!!!


Big storm on track to hit this weekend with up to 20" - 30" in the Cottonwoods and Northern Utah Mountains.


Currently Open => Solitude and Brighton

Scheduled to open Friday => Alta and Snowbird

Scheduled to open Saturday => Park City

Scheduled to open Thanksgiving day => Snowbasin and Powder Mountain

Scheduled to open day after Thanksgiving => Canyons


Keep in mind that it will definitely be early season conditions with only limited trails open at the resorts.  However, it should make for a nice first experience skiing in the west.

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Don't count your storms before they...


I think thanksgiving is looking pretty good for the cottonwoods.

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Joe, Trom, either of you guys planning on hitting the slopes in the next week or so? (lol, probably a dumb question) Looking for an update on conditons in the Cottonwoods for the week after TG.


Maui Steve, whattup? When do you have your first trip planned? Looks like Vince is totally healed up and ready to roll....errr...go this year. Rolling got him into trouble in the first place, lol!

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I considered going last weekend, but the open terrain was a little too limited. Would have gone if closer resorts were open, but the expense and driving time to BCC convinced me to wait until more terrain is open. Fall is kind of my time to save money and get chores done between the more expensive, busy summer and winter seasons, so I try to balance that with the burning itch to get out there.


Hoping for this storm this weekend--and more open terrain...

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Originally Posted by theconz View Post

Looking for an update on conditions in the Cottonwoods for the week after TG.




Last weekend was the best opening weekend I can remember (I've lived here 16 years).  Solitude had Apex, Moonbeam, Link, and Eagle open.  Most all of the terrain off Eagle was open, except for Challenger and the Rhapsody area.  We're supposed to be getting a storm in Friday night that is forecasted to deliver another 12-15 inches.  You should be good to go for the week after Thanksgiving.




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John, first trip Dec. 9-13. short but hopefully I catch some good snow.

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