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Suggestions for intermediate groomer? (girl)

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I'm 5'6 140 lbs, 20 years old.


I started skiing around 9 and skied 30-40 days each season for about 5 or 6 years but recently have stopped for 5 years.  


This year I'm getting back into it, and I'm completely overwhelmed by the choices of skis on the market!


I ski exclusively in Whistler and ski mostly groomed runs.  


I don't really have a budget but I'm looking for the new pair of skis last me 5ish years.  I am an intermediate skier, mostly blues, some blacks.  I would like to improve my technique though.


In my local store, they only carry.  Based on this list, which ones should I consider? (our stores don't allow demoing)


K2 Superfree

Atomic Affinity Pure

K2 Superific

K2 Free Luv

Volkl Attiva Viento

Salomon Origins

Rossignol Temptation 76

Head Mya 4

Atomic Affinity Air

Volkl Attiva Pluma

K2 Supersugar

Rossignol Temptation 74

Salomon Origins Lagoon

Head Mya 3

Atomic Cloud 6

K2 Supermistic 



I don't know if this info is relevant but for boots I'm probably going to get the Nordica Hot Rod 7.0s, they seem to feel the best on me whereas the Salomon boots and Head boots I tried were too wide. 

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Paging Trekchick to the white room courtesy phone...

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First of all, welcome to EpicSki!



It looks like a lot of the choices you've got on your list are groomer oriented, (sort of)

Some of them may be good choices to take you off piste a bit as you rekindle your passion for skiing!


The truth is that you can probably pick most any of those skis and be happy.  Some of them may suit your skiing style more than others.


The skis on that list that stand out to me as skis that I thought were fun are the Rossi Temptations.  I skied a couple different dimensions of those and thought they were fun, responsive and easy to ski.


The K2's didn't really stand out with anything special.  Just good, easy, stable.  Of those on your list, I liked the Superific the best for responsiveness.


The Volkl women's system skis were my least favorite, though many women really like them, mostly because I wasn't fond of the binding position and shape of the skis within the biologic system.  Just didn't match my skiing style.  YMMV


I skied one of the Head Mya's, but can't recall which one.  I recall that it was stable and easy to ski.


I didn't get a chance to try the Salomons or Atomics.  Too many skis to try in a short time.


Hope this helps you out a little in your decision.






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