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Most comfortable boots

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I've been a skiier for about 32 years.  Unfortunately, I don't get to go as often as I'd like.  I have ALWAYS had a problem with finding some good comfortable boots.  My left foot is a bit longer than my right so when I was a young hot-dog and doing a lot of jumping, my left big toe would ram to the end of the boot when I'd land and eventually, my toenail would turn black, fall off and about the time it would grow back, it would be a year later and I'd go skiing and repeat the process.


I'm about to take my 2 girls out to Colorado to teach them how to ski and I need a new pair of boots.  If I'm going on a 4 day ski trip, the last thing I want is to have feet that are soooo sore after the first day that it ruins the rest of my trip.  I don't want to rent boots because I rented equipment in Chamonix and after about 4 hours, the friction rubbing against my legs.... I had a visual of my calves and ankles being raw bloody stumps with chunks of flesh hanging off of them.  Of course they were just red and sore, but that's what it felt like.


What is the most comfortable pair of boots that you've owned and what should I look for in a new pair to ensure that I will be happy.


Thanks in advance.



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Welcome to Epic. As far as the most comfortable boot, simply it will be the one that fits YOUR feet the best. As a catch up from days of past, there is no such thing any more as a "Fill in the black manufacturer" boot, all offer different shape boots for many performance levels. I don't know where you are posting from or if you have a competent fitter near by but you might want to have your boots done when you get to Colorado. 


Also, since you don't get out as much as you like and and while some of your technique is probably not best in tune with the current might want to get the girls into some lessons with a professional. This will be better two fold, they will learn faster and while they are in classes, it will get you some time on the mountain with some unsupervised "daddy time".For all I know, you have won "Daddy of the Year" for 10 years running I know you are doing this as a family trip but the experienced will say "friends don't teach friends/family members don't teach family members" how to ski. Trust me in that it will be a win/win for everyone. 

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Oh you are dead on the money with respect to the lessons.  5 and 9 year old girls.  Me?   Are you kidding me?!?!?    I think not.   All day lessons the first 2 days and then a half day the third and then they can ski with me in the morning of the 4th day and if they continue to do good, I'll keep them all day.  otherwise, mommy can take then shopping.


I'm in Atlanta and I have a Peter Glen I can go to to get fitted.  I usually ski about once a year for one day.  That I can handle with my current boots.  About 5 years ago I got a new pair of parabolic skis with new bindings and they've held up and performed really well, but since this is going to be a 4 day ski trip, I need boots that wont leave me in pain at the end of the day.


I learned to ski in Snowmass when I was 9 and Snowmass has always held a special place in my heart, so this is where I'd like my girls to learn.   I also know it like the back of my hand and can pretty much ski anywhere on the mountain that I want, although I will admit, the double-blacks will not be seeing me anymore as I have lost the desire to hurl myself down a cliff with complete disregard for my safety.


Thanks for the reply.



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Snowmass? You are in luck! See Jack Rafferty there he will get you set up.

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I highly recommend you get boots fitted by an independent boot fitter, not somebody who works in a chain store.  Most likely your left boot is going to require some grinding and possibly punching.  Get fitted for your right foot and then have the left boot fixed as needed.  I don't know if there's a fitter at Snowmass but I am guessing there is one in Aspen.  The advantage of getting it done there is that if you need a little extra done the guy who did it to begin with is handy, not 2,000 miles away.

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