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I've been thinking of buying powder cords as I've lost a ski twice in deep powder and it took about a half hour each time to find it. Like everyone else's experience, it always seems to end up being where you would least expect it. Unlike the person that Bob peters saw, i don't intend to use them unless there actually is deep powder, and won't have them dragging behind me. My question is what are the downsides of using them. Tree wells? is it a problem in really deep snow if you take a fall? They seem like a good idea, but I've seen some people say only the "tourists" use them, etc. I am typically a tourist when I'm sking of course, but don't like the idea of permanently losing  a ski and/or spending long periods of time looking for a ski. It's only happened twice in many years of sking, but i suspect it will happen again sometime. On the other hand, if there's some good reasons not to use them, I'd like to know that as well.   

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$5 for pow cords is worth it, IMO. Wear them on deep days.
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Originally Posted by Bob Peters View Post

I just have to report something I saw in line for the Jackson Hole tram the other day.


First off, it's important to understand that it had not snowed in about three days, so any inbounds "powder" that might be found would have to be scooped up from a large area and dumped into one spot to actually cover a ski.


Anyway, there was a guy in line for the tram trailing his 8-foot-long pink powder cords behind him attached to his boots as everyone shuffled along in the line.  I looked hard at him to try to figure out if he was doing this as a joke.  Probably about 35 years old, wearing a day ticket (not a season pass) and carrying some wide K2 skis (not sure of the model).


It's the first time I've ever in my life seen someone trailing powder cords in the tram line.  You learn something new every day. th_dunno-1[1].gif

You laugh but if he ever looses his boots he's set.biggrin.gif

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