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Alta/Snowbird Lodging

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I'm thinking of heading out to Alta/Snowbird area for 3 days of skiing in late January solo.  Since I'm not with my girlfriend I won't need luxury digs for the evening and after doing research everything is pretty expensive in the Alta/Snowbird area.


In searching for affordable lodging what city should I search in?  Sandy/Granite, Utah or someplace else?


Also - I'm assuming the best way from airport to my lodging and to Alta/Snowbird is renting a car as a shuttle is about $72 each way to the airport.


Thougts and advise is is appreciated!



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my advise is to use the search function.....

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You could also ask the question on TGR.  smile.gif

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Did you check out the dorm rooms at the Alta Peruvian, Goldminer's Daughter or Alta Lodge?  They are all in Alta and will save you a lot of hassle for the short trip you have planned.  Their rates include at least two meals/day, which also makes a difference.


Otherwise, look in Sandy and Cottonwood Heights.  Candlewood Suites on Ft. Union (technically in SLC) worked for me in the past.

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Originally Posted by Finndog View Post

my advise is to use the search function.....

I used to think the regulars on TGR were just dicks, but after seeing the number of people that ask the same generic questions over and over, day after day on this smaller forum, I totally get it.

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The Peruvian also includes lunch. It's old and funky, but I like it.


I almost always stay up the canyon low season, but sometime high season I will stay in the valley and then I have the option of hitting Snowbasin.


If the dorm doesn't do it for you,  use Priceline for a room in the valley, 3* or more $50.   IMHO location doesn't really matter much, it's usually only 5-10 minutes difference.


Rental cars are cheap in SLC, I always get one now.  I got burned by Canyon Transport once.  My flight was late and I was the only fare going up to the bird  that late.  They nicked me for 3x.

It would have to be snowing really hard for me to use them again. 

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