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Lotsof MARKER binding parts...  

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As most of you know, I was a MARKER rep for a very long time. Over the years, I somehow ended up collecting numerous boxes of various parts. Mostly M48/51/MRR and newer. Some of the parts are new- some are used but servicable. Various colors, too!


And for those of you purists out there still looking for RACE DIN Bindings (8-18/12-24), I have some of them too!


DIN windows, heels, toes, all the plates, even some Marker has been out of for years!


Some very old (M4-12/15/M40/M46)parts too, if you are looking to make your wall displays complete and accurate!


Need mounting jigs for them? Yep- got those too!


Let me know what you need, I'll let you know if I have it. You pay for the shipping, not the parts!


First come, first served! 3 very large boxes of parts need to go!


PM me here on Epic... 

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I would be interested in a binding that would fit a current world cup interface prefer din 6 to 14  or 16



thanks Steve

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Interested in the M4-12, 14 and 40's if there is at least one WHOLE variation. (I thought you had just Simplex's biggrin.gif)

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Do you have any parts for Marker Comp 12.0 eps ?  I am looking for the toe pieces (face plates) with the din window, red/grey and says COMP 12.0, also need the heel pieces plates, not sure what they're called.






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 I need wider brakes for Marker Comp 1400 glide control bindings... Mounting on K2 Aftershocks.



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Looking for some Marker MX Demo 12.0 Integrated Bindings for some K2 Apache Xplorer Ski's?  Be happy to pay if you have any.





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hi, do you have the small black plates for the heel that you push down with the pool .thank you

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Hi I hope you can help.  I have a pair of K2 Rictors with the integrated binding system (MX12.0), however the bindings were stolen before I had them installed.  I have been trying to find a pair for the last year, but no luck.  At this point I don't care if the bindings are used, demo, etc...as long as they will work with the integrated system so I can use my skis....today they are just expensive paper weights.

Please let me know if you know anyone who might be able to help me and let me know where I can purchase a set of bindings.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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I just bought some used M48 bindings and the heel binding bracket screw holes don't match up to the holes on my skis.  Holes on my skis were from M27 bindings which had a wider screw location.  Wondering if they make brackets for the wider holes that fit the M48 or if I need to have new holes drilled.

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Hi, Thanks for this post -very generous. My girlfriend broke the rear plate of a 3motion Luna binding which fits into the toe in a very lame sit/fall (she's a beginner) and I'm having trouble finding a replacement. It's grey- not that that matters... Thanks

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Hey VSP, any chance of a full M48 heel?  Plain vanilla M48, no TI or anything.  Last year, broke one on my old K2 Extreme straight skis; they weren't in regular rotation anymore but I'd love to get back on them.  I know I'm asking for a big part that probably still has value so I'll pay what you think it's worth.  because of the skis, I wouldn't bother drilling and mounting other bindings but if I can just screw a new heel in place, well...


Oh, and LOL, if you're asking, the other heel and toes are black...biggrin.gif


Thanks a ton,


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just so happen i noticed on my wifes skis this weekend that the rear window was missing on one of her skis.  I looked at mine and low and behold both were missing


Not sure of the Marker model they are Nordi P25 bindings


Need three rear windows  I sent an email to Nordica yesterday but if you have them that would be great



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That sounds great!
I'm looking to turn my Marker Baron size L into size S, so hoping to replace the plates. Would you have a set of spare Baron or Duke plates size S laying around? Would be greatly appreciated!


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I actually have a pair of Marker M7.0 Junior bindings - The spring release that allows the heel piece to adjust broke last night skiing - I was bale to locate the spring in teh snow but not the other required piece (s).  Is it possible to repair? If so do you have anything of that nature - I guess I can replace the bindings entirely or just that heel piece if it available somewhere -


Your thoughts are appreciated -


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looking for a heel for a Marker Motion Lt 10.0


the heel tab broke on my wife's skis, its for an integrated volkl system but i think i can make any motion lt heel work.  thanks

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Interested in a Marker jester/griffon mounting jig if you have one?

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I have a pair of Vokyl 5 stars with Marker TT bindings.  One of the front DIN covers broke.  DIN range is from 3-11.  I think the binding is the same as the Marker CC with 3-11 Din.  Would you have any covers in the box?  If not...how and where can I get one or a pair?




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Not sure if this is still active, but...  Would you happen to have a set of Marker jr race interface plates?  (for a smaller racer - not ready for the wc piston plate).  Also, any chance you might have any narrow brakes (set) for Marker comp 14's for my volkl SL race skis - somehow I think one set of mine ended up being wider than preferred and they stick out a bit...




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Originally Posted by Trillo1111 View Post


Not sure if this is still active, but...  Would you happen to have a set of Marker jr race interface plates?  (for a smaller racer - not ready for the wc piston plate).  Also, any chance you might have any narrow brakes (set) for Marker comp 14's for my volkl SL race skis - somehow I think one set of mine ended up being wider than preferred and they stick out a bit...




I do. $30.00 shipped for the plates. PM me. 

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Looking for some Explodamats with brakes and preferably race springs.


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looking for din plate toe pc. marker ibx m0012.0 titanium

let me know if you can help the plate on my skies is red but will use any color.

Thanks Greg

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Hi, I have a pair of Marker Motion AT bindings. I lost one of the pins the slides through the binding to secure it. Any chance you have one?? I can send a pic if necessary.

Thanks Rick
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I bought a used pair of Rossignol 7SKs in excellent condition, mounted with Marker M48 twin cam bindings. These two-part bindings are mounted too close together for my boots, even with the toe and rear binding adjustments to their maximum. Because of their age, the technician says he's not allowed to work on them, so I'm trying to remount the bindings myself.  I've managed to remove the toe parts; the screws are very stubborn since they were installed with red Lok-tite or maybe nail polish! I had to drill the head off one of the four screws, and need a replacement. The Phillips slots on another are marginal, so I need two of them. On the rear bindings, I've removed the four  long screws holding the gate- or stop- like parts that slide on the metal track and anchor into the skis. One of thpse l ong screws suffered a mangled head when I removed it; it also had Lok-tite on the threads. I cannot budge the screws at the front on the rear bindings--in part because I can't get a direct vertical shot at them due to the shape of the plastic binding body. Any advice from you would be more than welcome, as well as the needed screws. If I mess up one or more of those near the front of the rear bindings I'll need replacements for them. Could you throw in four of those in the package? Let me know the shipping costs. I'm at my daughter's in Silicon Valley. Address:  Joe Moldenhauer c/o Westfall  18520 Murphy Springs Court  Morgan Hill, CA 95037. The Tahoe resorts are currently getting lots of snow, and I plan to ski the weekend after next, Dec. 14-15, if I can get the bindings remounted.


P.S. I filled the old screw holes with a marine-type stick epoxy after taking a depth measurement.  Sorry for the length of this letter, but my needs are many, and complex.


Joe Moldenhauer



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I have a pair of MMR rotamats - the last or second last model before they were discontinued. The tow doesn't recenter like the original which I hear was discontinued because the patent ran out.

The toe is the one with the moving AFD, not the earlier simpler classic. Can I replace these toes with the older market toes using the same drill holes? Will it work properly with the 2nd generation rotamat heal?

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Hi. The adjustment set screws jammed on my Marker Comp 14 Toe Pieces so now I have heels but no toes. This was caused by a tech in Chile backing the set screws back too far with a power driver in the summer. I suppose a set of the Comp 12, 14, 16 or even 20's would work fine. Any chance you can help?  I attached a photo of the bindings for info. If you don't have those toes, any advice would be helpful....


While we are at it, my other heel is missing the little clear/white/red plastic cosmetic plate that snaps on top of the red heel hold down part. Not essential, but if you have any of those hanging around that would be a nice cosmetic improvement. 





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Have a pair of old M48 bindings..lost one screw . Maybe wise to replace all 4 screws that bind the heel bindings (2+2) Have the bridges with the two long screws on the very rear..

would you recommend putting a platform ( have two 3/8" plats) under the these bindings which were used very little and still perform well.

want to put them on a pair of apachi skiis, but the brakes are too narrow , could use 10cm brakes??the ski are 8.5 wide.





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I am looking for some that will fit on twin tips
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would you have a plastic cover (DIN Windows) for the toe piece of a 2009 K2/MX 14.0 (the Orange coloured Marker binding that was fitted to the K9 Apahe Xplorer)?  There are two parts to it: a lower orange part and an upper silver part.  Thanks!

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Hi there - I have an m450 binding which I am remounting to wider skis for my daughter. I snapped the snow break attempting to widen it. The skis I'm mounting them on are about 80mm wide so need 85-90ish wide breaks. Do you either have a wider version of the snow break from the m450 i can try an rebend or might you have a wider version to fit into the m450 heel plate?to See picture...

Thanks so much!
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I am looking for the cosmetic plastic piece (Clear plastic with the marker comp 14 logo) for the heel of one of my marker comp 14 bindings.

Broke it on a gate and hate that it is missing. 

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