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Hi All,


Just found this site; was looking for a ski forum to seek advice from those more intelligent then me - seems like the right place!


I've been looking at Atomic from a recommendation of a friend. He said Crimson Ti is excellent - get it. I looked a bit and I wondered if I really need something like that for me. My history: skied for about 15 years, then switched to snowboarding for 10 years after. When I skied back when, my last pair (going back to straight cut now) were Dynastar Verticals (like, way back when Course SL and GS were winning stuff). I loved them awesome skis and I had 200cms.


Fast forward, I'm heading more back into skiiing. Thought to go out and just drop on a package before nothing is available in my size (which is 6'4" 215lbs, and so boots to match). I used to ski pretty fast and aggressively. Nowadays... small hills, will be almost always on piste. I want to have control and crack hard out of a turn when I want to, but also be comfortable slowing and plowing (i.e. - as in, with little people in front of me with a harness).


I had been looking at the Nomad Smoke Ti, thinking it was a pretty good compromise and a reasonable price point. It's 77 under foot (i.e. - compromise), but they only come in 178cms (max). I was thinking 180-185cms for my size and weight. I discovered today an awesome sale. They have some leftovers from a year or two ago - they have the Smoke Ti $150 off (178cms), but they also have the Crimson Ti $300 off - great deal! Now, I know I shouldn't buy for the deal, though we all like a deal. They have the Crimson in 178 and 183. I thought - 183 - wow! Perhaps a bit of length bias from my Vertical days (200s), but at the same time, I'm a bigger guy. The more alarming thing though is that they are 86 under foot - quite an up from the Smoke's 77. Considering on piste mostly, and some fast fun on my own but also the versatility of helping little people in harness, would the Crimson Ti 183cm / 86mm be too much? Would I regret not going for the 178cms for ease of varied use?


The first pair of skis I ever bought I outgrew the performance really fast - said I would never do that again (sliding around turns like a Nissan Skyline - couldn't cut and edge at all).


All thoughts, and accompanying boot recommendations welcome. (e.g.- would the Quest 80 for example suffice?  or would I need a 90+ stiffness).


Happy skiiing!