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I was really looking for bibs, but I realized that most of them have full size side zippers, except for a few ones (Oakley Sethmo, is one I can remember). For those that actually use full size side zippers bibs/pants are there any advantage/disadvantage compared to regular side zip vents? Looks like having the zippers going all the way down is not really an issue, but having them starting at the waist seems a little inconvenient because you have to deal with your jacket and backpack belt if you use one. I would prefer something starting ~6" down the waist level going all the way down.


Any thoughts on that?

The Arcteryx bibs have a full side zip that goes up to about mid hip and has zippers on the top and bottom. You can zip the top zip down  for ventilation (it is below the waist belt of any pack) and also put the pants on with your boots on because of the long zip. It's totally the most well thought out system. I have the old pro shell ones ( Alpha or Beta or whatever) and they have lasted seven HARD seasons. Just ordered the new Theta SV's that look similar .  They are much better than pants - you never ever ever get snow up your back.

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I love love love my Spyder coaching bib.  WARM but inseam zip vents, padded knees, Tons of pockets (though on a couple snaps would be better than velcro.) 


NOT zip off.

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Insulated Carhartt bibs! roflmao.gif


Pants for me, combine with a longer jacket with a good powder skirt and you're good 90% of the days. For really deep pow and freezing days, bibs win.

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Pants with suspenders and a powder skirt that snaps onto the pant belt loops. I oversize my pants for a loose waist that says up with suspenders - gives me full unrestricted range of movement in the gnarliest of mogul fields. Instead of bibs to keep the snow out, I have a powder skirt can snap into snaps placed on the belt loops - a simple modification for any seamstress - costs about $30 to add the snaps to both the powder skirt elastic and the belt loops.

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Bibs here.  With all the bending over to help kids with gear , constant up-down from the lifts I find pants need more adjusting and shirts tend to pull out . Retucking shirts or pulling up pants is annoying on the slopes but Bibs eliminate that hassle for me.

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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post

one piece




On the eve of the Apocalypse, those destined to survive will be clad in the Norr�na Men's Lofoten Gore-Tex Pro Shell One-Piece Suit. In the meantime, the Lofoten One-Piece reigns as the most sicktastic powder suit on the planet, and in fact it's the only Gore-Tex Pro Shell one-piece that we know of. Sure, it's pricey, but so are unicorns and diamonds, and neither of them are guaranteed to keep you dry when it's been puking inches per hour for days on end. Norr�na could have rested on its laurels with that alone but instead chose to give the Lofoten One-Piece plenty of storage pockets, and an insane color palette.

  • Gore-Tex 3 Layer Pro Shell is the top shelf of all Gore products, durable, keeps you dry, and allows moisture to escape reducing the clammy effect
  • Bulletproof Aramid fiber reinforcements keep your edges from slicing and dicing your pants
  • New slimmer fit (still slightly baggy)
  • Backcountry.com is the exclusive US retailer for Norrøna products




its actually does cost more than my car.

alive yes, but soon to die of sexual frustration. sometimes function over form  is taken to the extreme! biggrin.gif Brad Pitt couldn't get laid in that thing.

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Last season, I was up at rogers pass, and a euro wearing that one piece walks up to the park ranger and says something like, "what's it like out there? This is my first time and I want to get up into the high alpine."


The ranger points him to the avalanche bulletin posted on the wall with the danger extreme,high,high and then hands him a guide book. 


Wish i had a pic, the look on the rangers face as he tried to digest it all was priceless. 



On topic, I find my pants warmer than my bib, mostly because I don't tuck in my shirt with the bib. The bib is fun, but I think pants are more practical. 

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no fart bags for me ;-)

I am going to pick up the Mammut Aleskia pant this Friday at the 50% off sale. They are 3 layer gore tex, with suspenders and a gurdle type thing for pow days that zips out when not needed. I bought there down parka this year and seems like it is made well.

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Bibs.  I have the same kind as Finndog.   They are A+

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