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Here we go, hopefully another banner year.  For those that aren't familiar with Lookout heres some data.  Only Chair 1 will be open and with a Fri opening shouldn't be too bad as far as crowds.  As usual get there early for less lift lines.  For those of you thinking of going Sat instead be prepared for a bigger lift line with only one chair running.  I'll be there Fri but not Sat and probably Sun and/or Mon depending on snow etc. Reporting 23" on top and 10 at Lodge.  The ten is a settled 16 so should be ok.


My partner Van will be going for lst Chair 6 yrs in a row, so  we'll be there early. However, he will be standing outside in line with ski partner Jon for lst chair and I will be in lodge having coffee etc. See you there.  Can't miss me, I am the old bald guy.