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Right temp wax...

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I am going to order this wax , but I am not sure which temp to go with. It says cold wax is for below 20, warm above 20. I ski in the cascades in Washington State. I would say 20 deg is right about in the middle. Days often start out in the low-mid teens, then rise to mid to upper 20's. If anything it is more commonly 20-30, but when I go on ski trips out of state, they are commonly less than 20... :P 


I guess I am wondering which one is better out of its temp range, or does it really make any difference at all?




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I am looking at the 900gm warm or cold universal (the blue or purple)

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I was taught that you should wax for the coldest that it will be that day.

Mainly because harder wax will glide on softer\warmer snow, much better than soft wax will glide on hard\cold snow. Soft waxes in the cold arre just plain slow. You can always keep a tin of something like Swix F4 in your pocket. That way when it starts to warm up at lunch time you can hit the bases with a flourocarbon and help them glide better when the snow gets warmer\wetter.



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Ideally, both. With the softer, warm universal you can use it for base saturation/prep and hot scraping. As ctskierguy said, err towards colder if in doubt or you only will get one temperature range.


Also, realize that cheaper waxes are less durable and will not last as long as higher grade waxes. Therefore, over time, the perceived short term savings (aka Walmart mentality) do not bear out over time and you will need to spend more expense, time and effort waxing to achieve the same performance.


FTR, we offer a kilo (1,000gm/2.2 lbs) of Briko-Maplus Universal & Universal Hot for where you can pick any combination of 4x250gm tubs of Universal or Universal Hot. Also Glide-On can be purchased as individual temps or a combo of 3-temps.

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FWIW, I have been using Dominator Hyperzoom for about 10 years now. If it's really cold, 5F or lower I'll mix in a little blue wax. I have tried a few other all temp wax, but nothing come close to the glide of Hyperzoom.


Make it easy on yourself, don't over think this. Your not a top level racer, if you are you shouldn't be asking this question.

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