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100 Label Wine list- Kobe Beef hamburgers- Durok Pork (whatever that is)- and finally ski in Whiskey distilleries. Well, the last one would be nice, no DD! All of this found at the "top" "ski" resorts.


I distinctly remember sitting in a "shack" middle of LOVELAND, -23 windchill, with carvings covering every square inch of the interior wood, an old wood burning stove, watching a guy pull a bud light can and flask out of his jacket and defrost it on the stove as another rolls a joint. Meanwhile we just finished skiing 6 in. of powder down some fantastic tree runs.... I was having the time of my life while my toes defrosted,  and not a hand massaged, whiskey fed, never walked four steps in its life, heffer, anywhere to be seen!


Gotta love the low budget.