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RIP Jamie Pierre - Page 2

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Giving respect and thoughts is about Jamie Pierre and his family. not about us and our perspective on safety. do that elsewhere, a thread was set up for that. this is like leaving flowers, not criticism. We'll miss JP a lot. he had a lot of close friends.

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I just deleted a post here because it was over the line.  Please keep this thread about the tragedy at hand.  As davluri states above please take your discussions on safety, helmet wearing, other matters to another thread.


Thank you.

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I revised my post.  I was not intending to pass judgement.  I hate when people go, and I especially hate it when that loss could have been avoided in some way.  In this case, I agree that a helmet wouldn't have made a difference.  And I also respect that caution and safety probably weren't the most important thing at JP's core.  Ultimately, he died doing what he loved, and we all take on a bit of risk every time we strap on a pair of skis, board, cross the street, etc.  Jamie's style wouldn't have been what it was without some sort of throwing caution to the wind.


I feel sad for his wife, kids, family, friends, and everyone who knew him or was inspired by him.

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