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New ski advice

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I feel like I've outgrown my pair of 150 cm Atomic C9's from high school and am ready to try something a little bit more challenging.  I am 20 years old, 5'10", and 170 lbs.  I consider myself a high intermediate to advanced skiier and I like to go all over the mountain encountering a wide variety of terrain.  I am looking for a good all mountain ski between 170-175 cm, that with a lot of practice can help me turn myself into an expert skiier.  I just joined my university's ski team and also want something that is fast and can carve well for racing.  I've been looking online for about a day and have compiled a list of some skis that I am interested in.  Can anyone here please give me feedback on these skis as well as provide me with some more choices?  I would like to keep my skis+bindings under $750 and am willing to buy used demo skis. Thanks for your time.


K2 Rictor

Atomic Nomad blackeye TI

Fischer Motive 80

Rossignol Experience 88

Volkl AC 50


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bump.  I ski on the West Coast mainly at Mammoth and the resorts in Tahoe.

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Most of the skis would be fine as all mountain choices with a bias toward hard snow carving. The exception would probably be the AC-50 which is just too darned stiff for your experience level. Of the ones you mentioned, I'd probably suggest the Atomic Blackeye as the best call.



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Hey kyle, do you go to san diego state? my daughter just joined their club, shes really excited and they get  some great packages to mammoth.

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No, I go to UCSB.  I look forward to competing against you guys though.

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