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Snowing in Northern Utah :)

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A double punch storm entered Northern Utah yesterday.  Snow levels began at about 6300' & lowered to 5000' on Saturday.  This morning the 2nd storm arrived with lower snow levels & it is expected to keep up through mid-day.  Right side up storm is just what we need to set up a stable base.


Looking out my front door at 5300' this morning:

1st real snow 001.JPG


Brighton & Solitude opened on Thursday.  More snow forecast at the end of the week.



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We have about 20" in the bear river mts. Think the family will go XC skiing this afternoon. Great birthday present for me!

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Just got a phone pic from my friend in town of Steamboat with about two feet on top of his car, but the mountain doesn't open for another 9 days.

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Snow-envy. Glad to see it's snowing somewhere ( sigh )

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Storm is headed to Colorado.

I like this photo better:

1st real snow 002.JPG

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Well that was fun. We just got back from XC touring. Sorry no pics as the camera was out of batteries. About 12" of bottomless heavy pow at 6,200'. Got some meadow skipping turns by straight-lining the skin track and then making 4 or 5 turns on the side. Little girl in the bakc pack loved the bounciness. Very fun to get our first family ski outing of the season.

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I'm so jealous.  I figure we have at least 2 more weeks if not more before we see any snow guns fired around here.:(

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Good on ya' T :)


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It looks like this storm is proving to have been very dangerous down in LCC with numerous human triggered avies (13 on UAC), numerous injuries, apparently at least one death. Most of the avies were inbounds at Alta resort (preseason = BC) where no control work has yet been done. Looks like its going to be one of those seasons.

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I wonder if in the future Alta will do some avy prevention in the week(s) before opening.  Bad press for sure.

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Originally Posted by JayT View Post

I wonder if in the future Alta will do some avy prevention in the week(s) before opening.  Bad press for sure.

Probably not, they are on public land and when they are not operating they can't just shut down up hill traffic to do control work, probably for a lot of reasons. I think all of the slides reported were inbounds at either Alta of Bird. Preseason and post season the resorts are straight BC, no difference.


Preseason touring is always sketchy and the warning signs  were obvious even to me 100 miles away. Thin rotten season snow pack, bit of light snow last week and recent cold clear nights, sizable  dump of wet snow on top, lots of wind drifting form multiple fronts passing through. Yea it should have been obvious the danger was high. Not sure what lead so many people being caught out this time. Maybe people are just too comfortable at the resort and get into powder frenzy mode and ski with out thinking. Looks like Gunsight slid 3 times today.




Witnessed 3 avalanches in less than 30 minutes. The first was released by the first of many people to drop into Gunsight Coulior. It ran to the bottom without carrying the skier. Then several more people dropped in, sometimes two or three riding at once. About the 5th person to drop in released a bigger slide that carried him to the bottom. Members of his party reached him quickly and shouted to call 911. As the injured waited for help, people continued to drop in and ski down directly above. Shortly after (while the injured was still waiting for help) a snowboarded dropped in 50 yards downridge (North) and released a soft slab that ran over a cliff band and into some small pine trees - luckily not carrying the rider. A second rider dropped in and rode to the first rider. Both continued down without any additional incidents. We did not travel into the danger area to get better details on the slides, but the activity we were witnessing seemed downright suicidal. When we left there were still people hiking up the ridge and preparing to ride the same or similar slopes.


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Man I can understand being anxious to make some turns but that just seems plain stupid.  I think it also prove Darwin was right.

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The unstable conditions also took the like of pro skier Jamie Pierre

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Man, people are remarkable idiots.  When you see a slide go off, isn't that a pretty obvious warning of an unstable snow pack?

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