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Base prep and waxing

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I am wondering if instead of apply wax, scraping off and repeating 3 or 4 times, would applying a think coat of wax letting it cool then running the iron over the excess until once again liquid and doing this a few times work the same as scraping between coats?

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In general nothing wrong with the idea.  Some people even save and reuse wax shavings, so its kind of the same thing.  The only concerns are first making sure you always have wax between the hot iron and the base, and second the fact the some of this wax that has floated to the top now carries dirt and old wax out from the base so you don't want to reintroduce it.  So after the first wax/scrape if the wax looks clean you're OK.

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ok thanks, I actually did a hot scrape before applying my first base coat, and applyed the first base coat very think so I think we have a winner, thanks

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Agreed. I think it's a very viable and practical approach. It saves steps, time and material. You don't even need a thick layer. I just did this on a ski swap pair and my son did his new skis yesterday and they glided very nice today. Definitely hot scrape first, brush and reapply/cool a few times (30 minutes minimum) before final scrape and brush.

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