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Start Shack Designs

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So I whined about not having a start shack for weekend nastar and for the starter, it is miserable because of a strong cross wind.  Since I was the one that whined, I get to help design and build it.


So looking for something simple, inexpensive and that can be moved next year (planning on changing the location of the start).  My thoughts are something for the starter than isn't much more than protection from the environment and a place to store gear; skis pole, gates, drill etc.  I also like the idea of having a platform for the racers because there is a slight slope where the start is.


Maybe a 4x4 area for the racer connected to a 4x4 area for the starter.  The racer would have more of a carport area and the starters area would be inclosed with window that look down hill along the course.


I have searched Mr. Google but not getting much.




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Or just pictures.  I'm not looking for drawings as much as I am ideas on what would work.




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It doesn't take much to cut the wind and keep you warm(er). Think about under-shed storage hangars for gates and other stuff. Put in a couple decently tough power outlets (off the floor by a foot or two to stay out of the snow). A shelf of some sort for timing gear and notepads. Be sure to build some sturdy posts both to hold the timing wand, but also for when you have snowboard races and they need a good hand-hold for pulling out of the start (I've messed up more than one silly 2x4 used for a pullout). Also a stable/sturdy platform for ski pole tips.

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If you want to save money, get a military surplus field tent/field hut.  For about $400-$1,600 you can get a 15' x 25' thick canvas tent (or a command tent or whatever tent you want of various sizes) designed for winter use.  Center one of the doors over the starting gate, roll up all the doors when racing and you are in business.  Moving it is no problem.   I always though a used railroad boxcar would make a killer starting gate but they cost too much (you do have a cool railroad going through North Bennington).  You can't beat a military surplus tent purchased  off eBay for the low cost.

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Thanks for reminding me to consider the inside.  Been focused on the outside.



The tent would be good but I don't have that much room.  I'm trying to sneak something in on the side of the trail so it isn't in the way of the groomers and it can be a more permanent fixture.  After 20 years of setting up and tearing down cp/gp tents, I could do without it too tongue.gif.  It would work great for when we have a Junior Qualifier or something of the sort and need to keep all the kids in their race suits warm. 


In the picture below it needs to fit in the area that the orange cable is.  That area doesn't get groomed so it makes the groomer issue go away.   After hiking up there today, and a couple more conversations (been given more restrictionsRules.gif), I think it is going to be somewhere between 4x4 and 6x6 area for the starter and any gear and I'll rely on the groomers to make a nice platform/ramp.  They usually do and they do a great job grooming.  I can always add a platform later without much effort.  I should probably have a conversation with the Operations guy to see what the limitations are with the groomers.


The spot isn't ideal but the Start itself isn't in a good location.  That's why I don't want it to be too permanent since there is talk of moving the race course next year.  They have enough heavy equipment to move it and worse case I'll just spend next summer coming up with a clever way to move it to its new home biggrin.gif.


nastar start area 130.JPG

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I have some semi-fond memories of freezing my ass off at Crotched waiting for my start at a race. Also broke my thumb in a race there (finished the race, and my 2nd run though).


Since it's going to be small, you'll want to make it a straight line ski-in, ski-out - no 90 degree turns. Otherwise you'll get people hitting the back wall with their skis when they kick out and don't launch forward well enough.

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If you get up to Blackwater, it'll be worth the effort to hike/ride up top to check out the start house.  It was built in the spring of 2009 by a couple of racers for their senior project.  I've been inside on more than one occasion (yes, it does knock down the wind) and they did a bang-up job.  (For reference, the young man in front of the start house is a few inches under 6 ft. tall.)


Blackwater start house.


Blackwater start house - framing.

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