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Hi new here!


haven't been skiing for 6 years (shame I know) but want to get back to it soon.

I have some old but new gear and wanted to build it up so any opinions and advice is much appreciated.


general thing about me is I like long skies with longer turning radius (oldschool) - i've tried carving skies once in 2005 - worked and yeah carving is easier with those - but hated the overall qualities of the ski (short length, small turning radius)

So I'll definietly stick with longer skies and longer turning radius!

So here's the gear i wanted to use:




Marker MRR SC Turbo Racing




Atomic beta ride 9.22 (very light!) 190cm from 01 I think

I was also thinking about a Stoeckli Stormrider FRY from 03 (in my cousins stash)




what do you think about the combos and is there anything I have to beware of when mounting those bindings on?

Would you recommend a plate? If yes which one?


Boots is another subject and I opened a thread in the boot section.

Thanks in advanve for any advice, suggestions and opinions!

sorry for my limited english!