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Snowbomb SF

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Thanks to Epic, a buddy and I got to attend the Snowbomb festival at Fort Mason.  It was a great fall SF day, clear and cool and it was not any warmer inside.


My goals for the trip were low, talk to Squawpine about the pass situation and check out some fancy new skis from the reps. Ben wanted to look for some pants and get some info on powder skis. 


We got there early and the folks at Snowbomb were nice enough to let us in with our Santa Clara passes, Ben and I had a scheduling issue.  We went straight to the back and wove our way back to the front.  


We talked to the Blizzard rep about their line...he was helpful...those skis look great...nice finish on them. Quality.


The booths with the contests were rocking, Dodge Ridge, Sierra at Tahoe, Squaw...  I thought it was interesting that nobody was in the Alpine booth but the Squaw booth was packed.  They did have a contest going but it was a striking difference. 


I ran into Sinecure and had a nice conversation catching up on Alpine gossip. Always great seeing Sinecure, good guy...looking forward to seeing more of you this year.


We spoke to the ride share dude at length about his service...unfortunately I do not remember the name of the service, but you post where you are going and how many seats you have in your car, if you want some gas money, etc.  Then people respond if they match.  Pretty cool. Sinecure, do you remember the name of the service?


So, that was pretty much my trip...lame report compared to the ones already filed...no pics etc. but it was a good time and did get me even more psyched for the ski season...I would not hesitate to attend in Santa Clara if you have a chance to!

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Even without pics this is a nice report.  Thanks for sharing!

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