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Resubscribe under another name

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I mistakenly subscribed via my facebook account which is too public.  I want to cancel this subscription and resubscribe under another more anonymous handle.  How do I do that?

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Track down a moderator/admin and ask them to change your screen name for you.


Your name is spelled differently, but pronounced (I think) exactly the same as the last name of another user on here. Maybe related but they changed the spellings at Ellis Island? Hmmm?

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Thanks for the question.  We already dealt with this by PM, but I think your question needs a reply here to help other members. 


I have changed your user name. To separate your facebook account, go to My Profile (tabs at the top of the site), and Edit Account Details.  Be sure the email and password are what you want, and you may also change your Avatar to something besides what you use on Facebook.  Be sure to read the Facebook FAQ for Epicski


To disconnect your Facebook account, you need to remove the Epicski App from your Facebook privacy settings:


Can I disconnect later if I want to?

Yes. If you connect with Facebook and want to undo it, here's how:


1) Log into Facebook with the account you linked here.

2) Go to your account privacy settings

3) Under "Apps and Websites," click "edit settings."

4) This will show you a list of "apps you use."

5) You should see this site's name in the list. Click on it to edit its settings.

6) Click "Remove app."


This will block us from accessing your Facebook information in the future. 


However, there are also 2 follow-ups:


1) You may also want to change your forum avatar, which you can do on your profile page.

2) If you need to change your site username here, contact a site admin for help. 



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