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Midlayer Bottoms

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So last year was my first season using shell pants.  I have the Westcomb Revenant Bib.
Under that, I was wearing some 3/4 length merino long johns.  For the most part, I was fairly comfortable.  However, on those really cold days, I was getting pretty chilled  on my legs, especially riding the lifts.

I've been looking at getting some kind of midlayer (or thicker base layer).  Suggestions? Especially looking for 3/4 lengths so they don't have to tuck into the boots.

I read some good reviews on the Arcteryx Rho bottoms, but it looks like they stopped making the 3/4 length versions.
I can get a deal on them, so I'm considering having them hemmed at the calves to make my own 3/4 length ones. 

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Icebreaker have 3/4 length bottoms.  If you want to get a little creative, buy an UnderArmour 3.0 bottom and just fold the calf legs back up toward the thighs to create a 3/4 length.  Or bring them to a tailor/seamstress to cut/hem into a 3/4.  Some may scoff at the UA stuff, and while it doesn't have some of the pros of the merino stuff, they are stinking warm, particularly the Base 3.0 gear.

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Just add a light weight long john under your midweights. Very little extra bulk and very toasty results. For extremely cold weather, add something like a puff ball pant over your long johns. Yes, it's a little bulky, but warm is warm is warm. 

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Polartec Power Stretch.

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Well, picked up some Arcteryx Rho AR.  They've arrived, and are really nice.
However, noticed my old MEC Khamsin pants are also Polartec Power Stretch, so I'll get those hemmed to 3/4 and keep the Rho for other uses.

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Midweight or heavyweight fleece.  I'm not suprised you would be cold just wearing some thin wool baselayer against your cold shell.  You really need a midlayer to insulate.

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