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So I'm looking for new ski pants and having a hard time finding what I want. Anyone know of any pants that would have:

-Either lightly insulated/no insulation (I'm usually fine with base/mid layers)

-Full side zips

-good ankle reinforcement for ski edge rip protection

-Gore-tex and very durable (my stuff takes a beating)

-suspenders but no bib (not the most important thing but would be nice)


I tried on the Arc'teryx Beta AR pants (I know they don't have all of above) but they didn't have my normal size available (M). The small was actually ok, except the inseem felt very high. Any other ideas?



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you might check out flylow, they have everything you need, minus the suspenders (they do a bid however as well).


they are exceptionally durable (200+ hard days on mine), full triple layer (equivelent to gore-tex xcr) hardshell, no insulation, have excellent venting (interior and exterior leg), have very durable cuff reinforcements, etc.


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I'm curious, why would you want full side zips?  The only people I know who use pants like that are either wearing them over a GS suiticon14.gif or over blue jeans.icon13.gif

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I love my OR Furio's, they have all of what you request.


They are better than any Dead Bird pants IMO

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I like full side zips so I can get my knee braces on and off without removing my pants. It's getting increasingly difficult to find full side zip pants.


OP, have you looked at the Arcteryx Theta SV. I've had a pair for years now and they're awesome. And you can order them in lengths too. I have a Large S that is perfect for me. I don't like my pants long because the cuffs just bunch up and get cut up.


Also look at the Patagonia Primo pants. I've heard good stuff about Flylow also. They're made for tele skier who cut the crap out of their cuffs.

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I'm also in favor of full side zips for the same reason as Sinecure, knee brace.  Not just  for on and off but adjustments too.


I like suspenders over a belt too (on snow pants) and on the snow pants that don't have them,it is easy to add.  On one pair I added buttons to the inside of the waist band and on another pair I just used the clamp on ones.  Make sure you pay attention to what is going to rub on what.  I unintentionally wore a part of my jacket liner out because the reinforcement on the back of the suspenders (holding the two traces in a 'Y') was stiff leather and the liner was no match for it.


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A knee brace is a good reason.  And +1 for just about anything made by OR.  I have several of their products and they are all really well made.

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Thanks for all the suggestions. Reason for the full side zips is that I'm in a beer league and manage to squeeze into my old GS suit. Once in a while the full side zips also happen to be pretty hand off the course too.

The theta SV's look awesome-but they don't have the side zips (and I feel like the bib would annoy me).

The Furio pants look sweet, and they're a little bit more reasonably priced than the arc'teryx stuff. I'm gonna go try and find somewhere to try those on.

The primo pants also look good, but no full side zips. 

The flylow stuff looks well constructed and everything - but I don't really like the look of them. Maybe I'd change my mind if I got an actually look at them instead of just pics.


It's starting to look like full side zips aren't as common as I thought. I may end up just getting ones without - and using my old pants for race nights.


Thanks for all the info.



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I have Cloudveil pants that fit exactly what you want including the suspenders plus have 20k waterproof. They have one model.  Koven pants available that appears to fit the bill, I don't know its waterproofing.

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Check out the Spider Tarantula. Exactly what your looking for.
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Check out Mammut Northwand Pants  -  everything on your list...


View Mammut Nordwand Pants - Men's larger

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Burton AK's 3L might be a good choice.
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