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Help me pick this years Skis...

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So let me start by telling a bit about myself. I am 25 years old. 6'4" 240lbs. I lived in Park City UT last year and skied Canyons and PCMR a combined 84 days. I took a serious step forward in my skiing abilities as it was the first season I've ever lived in a ski town. It was also my first season of skiing powder on a regular basis and learning to do kicked my ass but again my skiing came A LONG WAY. This year i have moved back to NYC so Ill be doing a few day or weekend trips to the resorts up here but I will be spending most of my time in Utah. I plan on skiing at least 25 days this season out west. I can only afford to buy one set of skis. Last season I got a pair of 4Frnt VCT's from the previous year in 182 which in hindsight was way too short for me. In the deep stuff I would have to point it like mad and get pretty backseat to keep the tips up when the snow was really deep. For me the skis seemed to do everything but didnt excel at any one thing. It did help alot as it was my first twin tip and I now love riding switch but have yet to learn to do so in Deep Pow. This season I am looking for something longer and fatter. 189-maybe even all the way to 198 in length and at least 110 underfoot. I have looked at 4Frnt VCT Turbos in 189, the 4Frnt EHP's,  Last seasons Armada Ants in 192, and some of the surface skis. I want a ski with normal camber and some rocker or early rise but nothing too crazy. I would love to have some insane reverse camber super rocker fat skis but they would be useless on my days out east. Who has some recommendations for me? I am looking into last years gear as it seems to be pretty inexpensive. I also have connections at 4Frnt and Backcountry to help with the price. Who has some recommendations or even maybe some used gear to sell. There is just sooo much out there and Im having a hard time knowing what would be a good fit for me. Last year I demo'd some Rossi S7's and Salomon Shoguns but something with that much rocker is going to be a pain to ride out east. My ultimate goal is to take my pow skiing to the next level but still have something I can cruise around on back East. Thanks in advance for all of your help.

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There are some great skis in the category that (I think) you're looking.  One that comes to mind is the Blizzard Chochise, with the flip core, still a good ski to ride east (in a pinch) for a guy your size without sacrificing your trips out west.  


There should be some more advice coming your way in a bit.....


Oh and Welcome to EpicSki!

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[paraphrased] I want a ski that is perfect for powder in Utah and rails like a race ski on Hunter's icy steeps...when you find it, buy shares in that company.  You mentioned that you are going to spend most of your skiing time in Utah so I would bias my choice toward that type of snow and survive here in NY/VT.  I don't think there really is a ski that can do both nor will there ever likely be one.


OTH, remember when an 80mm ski was considered a powder ski?  There are now 90-100mm skis that will do pretty well in both the EC suckage and the Utah sweetage but none of them will be as good as a ski that is specifically designed for one or the other.  I'm pretty happy with Dynastar Sultan 85s as a do-it-all-in-all-places ski.

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bjohansson, your interpretation is similar to mine, though I was a little unsure if I got it right at the time I posted.


While I think you hit the nail on the head, and I recall when my Volkl Karmas were my powder ski at 84mm under foot, and I agree that most of the 90-100mm waisted skis are good one ski quivers, the OP seems to be looking for something around 110 under foot, which is why I suggested the Blizzard Cochise at 108 under foot and flip core rocker.


OTOH I think something like the Blizzard Bonafide, DPS Wailer99, and skis in that class are more likely to be a well rounded ski for the OP's true desires.


That being said, you're right on the primary point.........The more you ask a ski to do on one end of the spectrum (powder, off piste) the more it gives up on the other(groomers).


Skis sure have come a long way since the day when I had my Karma.  

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You could really score some deals, not that you said money was an issue. for example, there are lots of new Legend Pro XXL's around, left over from before the new Legend Pro 115 came out, (totally different ski). could work for a big skier.  That's about deals, however, though the XXL could be a good match regardless of cost. There's a guy in our posse your size, and he skis Mantra's, a narrower class though.


I'd also throw the Atomic Atlas out there.

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Yeah, some very valid points all around. I have a hookup at 4frnt and get pro-form prices there so thats obviously my first choice. But the CRJ's that I like only come in 188 and with the rocker its gonna ski much smaller. I wouldnt mind suffering through the chatter of having some tip rocker when skiing here on the east coast but I dont know who makes a ski long/stiff enough. Im considering buying some '10 pontoons and a second ski to do a bit of mix and matching. What are your thoughts on the 4Frnt CRJ in 188 for a guy of my size? I still feel like I would sink that ski in anything relatively deep. As far as waist width... my all purpose ski last year was the 4Frnt VCT '10... I grew to love twin tips and the ability to ride switch. Ughhh decisions decisions...

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Alright, here is another question. If it were between the 2010-2011 Surface One Life at 189cm for 345.00 or the 2010-2011 4Frnt CRJ at 188cmfor 425.00. Anyone know how intense the rocker is on the Surface skis?

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Originally Posted by jrparker86 View Post

Alright, here is another question. If it were between the 2010-2011 Surface One Life at 189cm for 345.00 or the 2010-2011 4Frnt CRJ at 188cmfor 425.00. Anyone know how intense the rocker is on the Surface skis?

Surface has quality issues.


When you're in the Wasatch and you want to demo some sweet ski's you have one real option:




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Surface HAD quality issues. 


You need to remember Mike started Surface up at Alta and was making skis out of something no more elaborate then a garage. Back in the day.......



Now Surface is a "big brand" along with its sister companies Causwell (clothing/outerwear) and Joystick (poles). Sponsored skiers worldwide, magazine covers, you name it. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) the skis are made probably in the same factory as like 80% of the other brands now. I forgot where, but you are welcome to call Causwell on Fort Union and talk to Mike or Justin. They went as far as to name the same equipment produced in that factory, and they made snowboards and a few other skis (I forgot who though and I don't want to butcher it). If you can't find one or the other in the shop, don't worry, they are shredding the Wasatch hard doing a little R&D...........



$345 for a pair of One Lifes is a steal. I really enjoy the brand (and the One Life/Live Life ski). But yeah, you could just rent skis from wasatchpowderskis.com - they got the latest years gear every year mounted with various bindings and $345 is a ton of rental. Causwell rented previously but I think they are discontinuing that this year. 



If you want this kind of brand behind your skis.....then this is for you


Delta lost my luggage....half of my luggage. My ski poles did not make it, my boots, skis, and other essentials minus coat did. I stopped by the shop because I was on Fort Union picking up essentials to make it up to B right On, and then boom he just like up and gives me a free pair of poles, no questions asked. Made my day after missing a connection the night before and making it to SLC without luggage. What a great company.........


If you have any question email justin@freeskibrands.com


Note - I am not Justin. Just someone who sticks with a good company when they value their customers.


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Just remember that when you lived in PC you had the option of choosing your ski days, but unless you can fly out there at the drop of a hat to hit a storm (Jetblue has always been good to me flying JFK-SLC) then you might want something that will both ski well in the east and deal with the possibility that out of 25 ski days in UT you may not get too lucky.


Also, if you have buds in SLC or PC who will let you park your planks, why not keep the big mt skis out there and buy used ski for the East?


Something along the lines of http://www.ebay.com/itm/DYNASTAR-LEGEND-MYTHIC-RIDER-SKIS-184-/120812156695?pt=Skiing&hash=item1c20f73717


(no idea who the seller is, but the older Legend line holds up pretty well in general, and from the 8k on up make a great versatile on and off piste east coast ski.)



If you like 4frnt then how about the MSP in 187 for about 270  - check out sierra trading post and PM me for a coupon good for an extra 40% off (good through 11/17)

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