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good jacket for racing

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Anyone have any recommendation for a ski jacket to practice racing in....I want something insulated and warm, but not a sail that's going to catch wind or be overly bulky and restrict movement.  I know European jackets are cut pretty lean but they run like 500 euro, which is a little absurd....I remember trying on a Jack Wolfskin and it was the best fitting warmest jacket I've seen to date, but crazy expensive in London.  Seems like all the jackets here are just becoming oversized...hard to tell whether it's from overweight people or the freestyle cult.

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Around here people like the down sweaters and light down jackets like the Patagonia Nano (I think), Mountain hardware makes one, as do several other companies. They are close fitting, thin insulation due to the efficiency of down, and light as.....a feather.


note the jacket of preference I am sporting in 1965, perfect with tan Levi chords, nylon windbreaker front with full zip, stretch knit back and back of sleeves for snug fit, called a downhill jacket cause it was so fast, black on black of course.


. David Mt Baldy standing on the slalom training course.bmp

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Almost any decent brand name jacket would do, assuming you get the right size. Depends where you ski/how cold it gets???/ , even a soft shell would do.. Last year I wore my Spyder Patch hoody soft shell several times in single digits /sometimes close to 0*F in the morning and I felt perfectly fine...My advice is get anything left form last year that is 20?20 waterproof, breathable and fits your budget.. I also bought Descente Protector jacket:



As you can see it has fairly heavy padding on arms, and shoulders.. It is like soft shell with fleeece backing.. It is very good to train gates without having to wear your race suit all the time.Too bad it isn't available no more.. Other than that, some light insulator jackets would do the job too..



Hope this helps...GL>


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Some things to consider -


In my pursuit of a jacket this summer/fall, racing was a consideration.  A couple things I came to realize was that along with the cut, is the fit and a removable hood (not a dedicated race jacket).  I ended up getting a Helly Hansen Stoneham (I think that's the name).  I considered the jacket's length, sleeve length and fit.  Also had to make sure I could layer up underneath.  I didn't want the sleeves so long that I would end up with bunched up sleeves (I don't like that whether racing or not).


I'm in a beer league and it can be crazy cold at night in these parts so I wanted a loose enough fit shell to put layers underneath or an insulated one that I wouldn't need as much.  The stoneham seems like a happy medium.  It's also 20/20K.  Has enough pockets so I can stash some items but it's a snug enough fit that I I have to really want to carry it.


Of course I also had to get my almost 14 y/o daughter's approval since we ski together quite often and the Missus said I can wear it in public with her (I'm not know for my fashion choices biggrin.gif)


Another thing to consider is if you fit the jacket like you do boots.  Since I'm a multi size person; Height- small, Sleeve - medium, Chest - large (on the cusp of medium/large).  I went with the medium for a snugger fit.  It may very well not work on the really cold days; -30 with the wind chill, but that's fine. 





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Check out the Speed Freak from There are several teams using in the Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota where it gets pretty cold. Comes with and without a hood and 6 different colors. Around $100 with the racer discount.


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