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ski dilemma...

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I am an advanced(dear do I say almost expert) skier. I am 18 years old and have instructed at shawnee mountain for 2 years. 5'9, 150lbs

now that backround info is out of the way here it is. I bought the Vertigo G31's in 177 2 years ago in a rushed, amature decision. It was obviously a lot of ski for me and I had trouble down steep icy blacks(mostly becuase where I ski is so crowded and you can't really ski agressivly). Anyway, my skis were stolen out of my locker at the end of last season

this brings me to getting new skis again...I really like the idea of the new Volkl supersport 5 stars. I like to ski fast, but I also like to make short quick turns on steep blacks. I need a ski that I can do some GS turns with the ability to rip short ones as well. knowing my weight, size and ability level; what would be a good size to purchase the superports in?
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YEAH!!Shawnee, Ah...good times.

Are you really going to drop $929 on a pair of 5 Stars? Can I come live with you? Check out the 4Star at over $200 cheaper in a 168cm. You'll be hapier. Also check out the Rossi Viper STX, also in a 168.
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hmmm, that makes me worry, lol.

i have exactly the same stats as you, cept i'm a year older lol, and I just picked up some 177 2002 g3's and I haven't skied them yet. I hope they aren't too much
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haha...shawnee....yeah I know [img]smile.gif[/img]

Well, I am getting a discount on them so the price isn't as much of an issue as it normally would be. Are the 4 stars nice though? I want a ski that is gonna like to go fast [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Don't be overly concerned. I am 150 lbs, 5'8" and 39 years old. I ski on G30s, which I am told are a significantly more agressive and demanding than the G3s, in a 184 length. I demoed the 177s as well and preferred the 184s.

I don't agree that if we are a certain height and weight we are all meant to ski on X length in Y stiffness. I think it depends on our personal preferences. How aggressive we are etc.
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There is also the M.E. factor, normally not affecting women, but does affect some men. The issue of the male ego needing something long on their feet, because shorter can't be right.

But I don't believe this is an issue for you, I'm sure you're more intelligent than the average Neanderthal man.

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I'm sure it is just making up for other deficits Fox...
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Has anyone been on the 4 stars??? how do they perform?
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Head Worldcup's (2002) or i Race (2003) are very versatile for the applications you are looking at. They are among the most versatile of race carvers/all-mountain cruisers. I find mine to be super stable yet relatively quick (17m sidecut). I am same dimensions as you, and ski a 175, which is great at any speed. They have alot of shape, are fairly damp, good rebound, and will etch any snow surface. It is due to poor distribution/marketing that they don't get more recognition, but myself and everyone I have talked to absolutely loves the skis. If you are looking at Volkl, the P50 Platinum is fairly quick while stil very stable. It can stap off firecracker turns if you put in a little effort. Certainly cheaper too, as the 2003's are unchanged sans graphics.
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I called volkl this morning. If you're planning to go through shawnee to buy through proform, you're in a tough bind. Volkl is out of the T50 5-Star Supersport Piston Motion in all lengths for the entire season. The T50 5-Star Supersport Motion 1200 is out in all lengths except 161cm and 184cm for the rest of the season. The T50 5-Star Supersport NON-Motion is still available. Does that make your choice easier? [img]smile.gif[/img]

You could always try the Vertigo Motion in a 177 or 170. The motion system really softens the ski up without sacrificing much, if any, of the characteristics of the ski when mounted with normal bindings.

Hope this helps [img]smile.gif[/img]

MelloBoy [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Thanks melloboy!, yeah I can't believe how fast these things are going.

right now my choices are as follows:

Salomon Crossmax pilot 10- I hear good things about them

volkl supersport 5 stars(not sure about the 1200 bindings- is it a good system?) or I'll just go with a standard binding set-up(size 161 would probably be perfect)

and possibly the vertigo motion or 4 stars. I may also be doing a little racing this year(nothing too serious) so I need to be able to go fast [img]smile.gif[/img]

I had the G31 in 177 for the last 2 years and it was too much ski. I need like a 170 or slightly below

[ November 04, 2002, 01:33 PM: Message edited by: Shea-bird ]
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Well I think I am gonna get the 5 stars. Should I go 161 or 168???!!! I don't know what to do. (My height and weight are in my first post)

thanks, shea
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Alright, I have decided to order the 5 stars. I just don't want to make a mistake with the size. 161 or 168??? Does anyone think the 168 will be too much ski?
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Can you not demo both the 168 and 161? Even though you will likely have to pay for the demos, most shops will discount the demo price from the final purchase price. If this is possible, it will likely remove any doubt and disappointment.
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Here's what I think: I know a few people who have the G3's and are expert skiers similar to your weight. They mostly ski on a 177, and none have complained that it was too much ski.

You stated that you can't ski aggressively at your usual ski area. That's not because your ski is too long. It sounds like it should be a good length for you when used in the right conditions.

I'm sure you'd have felt better about them if you had the chance to ski some wide open groomers or some crud. You probably would have been happy with them on some frozen midweek man-made at Hunter also. If it felt like too much ski in those conditions, then maybe you have overestimated your skiing ability a bit (like most of us).

If you're an advanced to expert skier who likes to go fast, and maybe do some racing, then you'll be just as sorry if you go too short (unless slalom gates are your main goal).

If I were you, and I was going to be skiing a lot at crowded resorts, and wanted the option to go fast when possible I'd get the 168. The Supersport should turn a lot quicker than a mid-fat Vertigo. You should stick with a "carving" type ski or a versatile short slalom. For eastern skiing, my Atomic 9.16 slaloms turn on a dime on ice and can rip up any icy GS course when I'm not dancing through soft moguls with 'em.

I save my mid-fats for out west or spring skiing in the east.
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thanks for the reply(s)... haha and yes we all do over estimate our ability a bit [img]redface.gif[/img] You are also correct about the mountain. with a 700ft vert and tourists everywhere you look, it is hard to get good skiing in. Your reply has reinforced my decision to purchase the 5 star in 168! It has gotten great reviews and seems like a good eastern ski [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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just found a deal on 161's. does anyone think they will be too small? I like to ski fast... sorry I have so many qestions, but demoing is out of the question right now, thanks
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go for the 161's. i demoed the 168 last spring pretty extensively.fast free skiing, short turns as good as a slalom and still can do gs turns. good enough at gs turns i used it in the league gs race that afternoon and won my bracket, i usually am 5th or 6th.my spec's 6'2" 210 lb
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Wow, It is amazing how short people are going with skis these days! Well I am glad you posted that. Does anyone else have experiance on the 161's???

are they stable at high speeds? thanks
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Last year you saw me go from the red 188 Volkls to the blacks 170 sl's and then to the 168 Stocklis and my new-un's are Stockli 158's ....... I know there has to be a break point but my grin got bigger as I went smaller.
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