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First set of Skis - East - Starting Black Diamonds

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I have been doing research and trying to find out what skis I should buy and how much I should end up spending.  I have considered prices anywhere from 400-1000 and I'm mainly looking for something at my skill level and only spending as much as necissary, but if I could actually notice a difference with the higher end I would have no issue paying for the skis.


So information I have skiied all slopes at http://www.wispresort.com/wisp/index.aspx

Wisp is hard packed groomed east coast.


Another close resort is http://www.snowshoemtn.com/index.htm


I'm 5'6" and 150 lbs male


A few skis I have been considering are

  • Atomic Smoke Ti
  • Atomic Blackeye Ti


My understanding is I need something between a 76-88 width for carving/all mountain.

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Welcome to Epic.  I ski only in the west so I can't really comment on the skis you mention.  However, I will say that unless you have boots that truly fit your feet, but boots first.  Go to the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum and read the wiki about how boots should be fitted.  If a shell fit wasn't done when you bought your boots, the chances are very good they are too big, in fact it is almost guaranteed.  With boots that fit properly I can ski anywhere with just about any skis and have a pretty good time.  With boots that don't fit properly, I'm not going to have a very good time no matter what skis I'm on because I won't be able to control them.  Boots are the most important gear you can buy for skiing.

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Thank you for your input I guess I should clarify.  I did buy skis last year that were bascially the cheapest I could find as I was trying to get back into skiing and at that time I was on greens and blues.  The skis I bought toward the end of the season got swapped with someone elses skis that were very beat up and had large chips off the side of the skis.


I do own boots, but I may look at replacing them.  The boots I own were fit using a shell fit where he took out the shell itself and had me put my foot in the boot.  One boot last year was actually a little to tight and I have skied with it about 6 times trying to get it to loosen up.  As of last year after skiing for about 2 hours I would have to take my one foot out to let it breathe as the boot was to tight.  Since last year I have droped 30 lbs so I wanted to try the boots again and see if they fit any better at all.


So in short one boot was a little on the tight side and I'll be more then happy to take your guys opinions if I should try them again or if I should just entirly start over with new boots.


Thank you

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As long as the boots are the right length, a fitter can take care of whatever hotspots you have.  My last pair of boots required some grinding in a couple of spots and this is pretty common.  Losing 30 pounds is unlikely to have any effect on how your boots fit.

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mtcyclist thank you for your input.  I'm new to owning any equipment and when I asked the on resort shop what could be done about the boot being a little to tight I was told nothing.  I'll go look at a few off resort shops in the area and try to find one that is competent.

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The Ski Center in NW DC (off Mass. Ave. almost into Maryland) had good bootfitters in my experience, at least a few years ago when I lived in the DC area. If you are not close to DC, try the bootfitter forum for recommendations.


For an intermediate in the southern part of the east, my own opinion is that you will need to develop good carving skills on icy trails. I think that learning good carving is best achieved on a more narrow waisted ski, something 75 or less. The reason being that the wider the ski, the more you need to move away from the centerline to get an equal edge angle. I don't know the specific skis you asked about.

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I'll ask around on the bootfitters forum and I'll take into account going with a narrower ski as I'm still learning.  I'll try and stick to the sub-80 width as I'm looking at skis.


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