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Ski Mojo

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The last post on this product was 2008 but no one had any experience with the product.  Anyone out there with some info?

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If your knees are bad enough to need some sort of brace, there are proven options available but you should consult with an orthopedic surgeon about the best option for you.  Buying something that gives you what may be a false sense of security is not a good idea.

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Thank you mtcyclist - I am an orthopedic specialist myself and have been through several years of diagnosis, treatment and physical therapy!  My problem is not the need for bracing as instability is not the problem - but relief from repetitive stress on the knee joint due to degenerative changes.  This product "promises" a 33% reduction in this type of stress as the product is essentially a shock absorber.  They have a money back (almost all of it anyway) program to try it out.  A couple of good reports from expert skiers using it in off piste, cruddy conditions.  I'm game - nothing to lose, a lot to gain!

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There is another product you should check, made or at least developed at Vail IIRC.  Unfortunately I don't know what it's called.  There are two rods that go from your hip to the back of the boot(I think).  Maybe someone else knows the name of it.  I know a PSIA Level 3 who uses it.  I'll send her an email.

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Here it is.  They are called CADS,

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Hi - first post here - I am Mrs Mojo or Tirion Hannaford and myself and my husband Martin run our company Ski-Mojo - based in England but we ship world wide.


I am writing a piece about the ski-mojo based on both our and impartial medical and scientific research for a conference on knee injuries that Martin is attending in a couple of weeks and came across this forum ... so I thought I would join to say hello and also to put ourselves " out there" to provide any information that people may have.


The ski-mojo has been established for over 6 years now and although we are a small business we have built up a loyal and ever growing client list. Reviews of the product can be found by going not only on our website which will give very comprehensive information regarding the background to the development of the ski-mojo, the medical research and all faqs regarding prevention of injury, how the product works and many many testimonials... We are frequently on forums in the UK and I can only assume this one just slipped through the net...


We have many American clients and the number is growing and we have several requests for stockists in the USA although lack of time and logistics are getting in the way at the moment... we are at two big ski shows in the UK in the next few weeks so if you are over here please come and say hello.. we are very friendly and will show how using the ski-mojo can not only take up to 30% of weight off your knees but also put yourself in the correct skiing position. As previously mentioned if you are interested look at the website or


Unlike CADs the ski-mojo is worn under your ski clothing.

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Hello Mrs Mojo - I have used your product for three years.  In June of this year I had my knee replaced as arthritis had increased to the point that walking short distances was all that I could do - skiing - even with the Mojo - became impossible.  During the past three years, I believe that the SkiMojo allowed me to ski, and for that I am very grateful.  Once I got over an adjustment period and learned to accept the inevitable inconvenience of having an appliance under my ski clothes it was bearable. I was able to ski off-piste without problems. 

However, I do have some suggestions:

1. The video on how to wear and adjust the appliance is very difficult to see.  I had to watch it several times before "I got it".  The images are fuzzy and one starts off very frustrated with the product.  Not all of us have an engineering mindset!

2. The shipping charges to the US are very high.  The price of the product is hefty and with the added shipping charges becomes pricy.  I know you are addressing this, but I think a US distributor is necessary to increase your business across the pond. 

Good luck to you! - if you need some marketing assistance in the States, you can respond to me privately.

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Thanks so much for your comments- it is very important to keep in touch with our customers and we encourage feedback as being a small company it helps with our growth and development.


I understand your comments regarding our website - it is currently going through some changes but because we are so small ( I am a teacher for most of the time) its down to us to do all marketing/pr/ design plus all the other stuff - we would love to have big budgets for a super duper website and hopefully this will come in time. However, I cannot stress enough that we pride ourselves on our customer care and Martin is always on the end of the phone/Skype/keyboard to answer any questions/solve issues.


I do also agree price of shipment is high and we are working on it ... however the product is priced sensibly and will last for years. The initial outlay is no more than a price of boots, skis and bindings or a decent ski jacket and the saving you make on lift pass weighs up the balance.


thanks again and do contact us if you like more help

Mrs Mojo

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ANy updates on this product? Is it available in the states yet? Did you end up with the new, less bulky appliance? If not have you seen it? Opinions? Trying to stave off knee replacement until absolutely necessary.

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We have been working with Ski~Mojo to show their product in the USA this year - so in the absence of other posts I'm happy to provide an update.


In answer to your question, it's much less bulky than the original design of 5 or 10 years ago, and now weighs just over 4 lbs in total


There's FAQs on


I know that the company hope that it will be available within the USA for next season


Hope this is helpful

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i just stumbled upon this post and since i liked what i was able to find on line about skimojo i would like to know if there is a retailer in the us of a. or if not, how to buy it from overseas. or if there is an other product similar to skimojo. any tip will be very appreciated.
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I will forward your query to Ski Mojo. I know that there are some shops stocking it in Colorado and beyond, but they will know more details. Where are you based?
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thank you for the reply. i'm in seattle and if there are any distributors in the states it would make it easier and cheaper, i would hope. i couldn't find one in the usa, let alone in seattle. cheers!
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