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Expand metatarsal buckle on Dalbello boss ID?

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I have what I hope is an easy question to answer from the vastly more experienced here on the boards.  This season, I was finally able to get into my first pair of custom fit boots, a sweet pair of Dalbello Boss ID's.  They're a 25.5 if that matters.  My street size hovers between a 9.5 and a 10 depending on the shoe.  Left foot slightly longer than the right by about a quarter inch and pretty wide on both - I think I was measured at an E?  Pretty tall arches as well. 


Obviously It's been quite an eye-opener compared to the "demo-level" rentals and the odd borrowed pair I've been used to for the past few years.  One of the areas I seem to have an inordinate amount of difficulty with however is the fit over the metatarsal area of both feet.  I have a rather difficult time getting the bottom buckle down on anything other than the very first catch (longest span possible) - even with the micro adjustment spun all the way out.  It feels like it's putting a painful amount of pressure across the top of each foot.


Bear in mind, this is after custom DFB beds and the whole thermal ID liner fitting have been done.  Now, I've never been through this experience with a fit before - but even on boots that were up to four sizes larger, I've never had an easy or even remotely comfortable time getting buckles closed across the tops of my feet.  I often ski without that buckle latched at all, but I can't imagine it's good for either control, or for the general long term health of the shell when under load.


I've looked at it upside down and backwards, and can't see any other means apart from the tiny amount the micro-adjust twist offers, to extend that catch.  Am I missing something obvious?  Do I have freak feet that were never meant to wear alpine boots?  smile.gif  Does this require some form of shop modification I'm not as yet aware of?  I understand that this fit is going to be far far tighter than anything I've experienced before, and of course, I haven't had them out on the mountain yet to be fair, but should it be rally quite painful?  Perhaps moving on the mountain will change everything dramatically.  But as I mentioned before, even boots that were well packed out and much larger than what I should have been in still tended to feel uncomfortably tight.


Grasping at straws on this one.  The rest of the fit is very tight, but not painful per se, just that darn metatarsal area.  I understand any advice will be best guesses as you can't see the fit over the web here, but I'd sure appreciate any light you guys might be able to help shed.  Thanks in advance!


At any rate, the boot looks really cool, and is all orange and stuff so that will make me ski faster right?  Right??  biggrin.gif  hehehe



*  ^^^ Bet THAT guy wishes he had orange boots too!  cool.gif




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Underneath your boot liner is the boot board which perhaps can be thinned a bit by grinding or sanding or perhaps your footbed could be sanded down a bit thinner.


If you have jammed your foot in a 25.5 you are certainly pushing the envelop of doable!


Since you are using the Intuition liner made of Ultralon foam, perhaps there is enough thickness over the metatarsals to sand or grind a bit of foam away as well.  Every little bit will help,  an 1/8" inside the boot will feel like alot!


good luck.


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I've had the same problem. I have a high bony arch. The 2 things that helped me were cutting a half dollar size hole in the hard plastic part of the tongue right over the bump on my arch (does the ID liner have a tongue?) and moving the second buckle. Just drill out the rivets and use a t-nut to reattach it by only one of the original holes, then file away any part of the base of the buckle that interferes. It's harder to describe it than to do it.

FWIW I've given up on "race fit" boots.  I think that with my high arch, the pivot point of a slightly larger shell matches the pivot point of my ankle a little better. No one seems to agree with my analysis of that, but it works for me.



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So Bud, you think the 25.5 was too small for me?  I was originally told I needed a 25.0 in fact, but I opted for the "larger" 0.5.  I expected it would be snug - but had no idea exactly how tight it would be when we were all done with the thermo mold and all.  I'm going to give them a day or two on the hill before I head back in to the shop.  I have a guess that things may feel quite different after I'm clicked in and moving - I just hope it's enough. 


In the mean time, I'll keep the possibilities of a board grind, or thinning the foam as options too.  I'm always hesitant to remove parts and try sticking them on in different locations on my own...but I will remember that as a plan B at any rate.  Thanks guys for the input.


Is this a common problem with ski boots??




P.S. I realize now I should have likely posted this over in the Boot Guys forum instead.  If a moderator would care to move this thread there I'm all for it.  Sorry!  :)

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