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Snorkel deep face shots

No other souls in sight

I awake, its still night


White glass shards

Stretch on my horizon

Elated, I won the big 3


When I fear most

I may briefly be,

I left tracks by me.


Madness consumes me

When did I surrender?

I know not, don't care


Between my tips

Only air drops away

Ski to die or stay?


Cascade snow is rain

Complain at rain, in vain

Ski soaked, drive left lane

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Puking Powder now

Search my quiver lustfully

First tracks will be sweet.

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Dreaming of powder

Michigan snow guns blowing

Settle for ice, sad

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Canada, all white
powder deep. joyeous women
playing in the snow
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Powder falls lightly

EpicSki is feeling the stoke

Cannot wait to carve

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Lift tickets flutter

Parka liftline symphony

SkiBig3 winter

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O Canada ! Snow

deep as powder lands. Bears will

stand on guard to ski.

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Canada winter

Graupel dermabrasion stings

There is no escape

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Putting this in for my daughter, she broke her ulna and radius Monday at dryland. After surgery and two rods if her arm she cant race for a while and she was suppose start training on the hill tomorrow.


She wrote this:



Training to ski race
I broke my arm at dryland
My season not known

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Fresh powder tonite

Morning runs at BigSki3

Need a lift ticket

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Muffled distant KRUMP...

Silence. Snowflakes whisper down.

Epic Powder day

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I was death indeed

but hope has brought me to life

A lift ticket I'll buy

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austerity is

upon us like powder

snow on steep mountains


okay this is sad, here is another one:


Retrospect powder

days, I miss them most, but next

stop is Canada!

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SkiBig3 Powder

A Lift Ticket to Freedom

Best in Canada

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My screen shows powder
I tilt my chair and dream there
Soon I promise, soon.
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far away I see 
canada and epicski
soon there I will be
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Oh sickly moonlight

Canada beneath my feet

Night air smells like snow.

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3bigski, off piste,
deep in powder, you and me
snowpeople at play
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Gone to Canada


To ski SkiBig3 powder


Back on Wednesday

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Canada's powder

An EpicSkiBig3 chance

Lift ticket needed

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Epicskiing days


Oh my, oh my Canada


Striking powder days!

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Weems in my brain: check

Bob Barnes in White Room powder

Make the God-damned turn.




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Canada provides

Deep, fluffy, and dry powder

We reach nirvana

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We have powder snow

But rain washed it away

I dislike the rain.




Wisconsin has snow

But its not like Big Ski 3

Where I wish to be.




When my duty calls

I am in the powder still

I am Ski Patrol.

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I have skied since one

I'm eight going through the gait

can't wait, what's my fate


By Annabelle roflmao.gif

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Love to SkiBig3

Please buy my lift ticket, Mom

I will clean my room!

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Waist deep powder calls,

I yearn for the night to end,

Sunrise will bring joy.

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Canada Powder

Lift ticket to EpicSki

Snorkle Ski Big 3

(DDD's Entry)

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I've been skiing since 1

Now I'm 8 and go through the gait

my first chair awaits


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