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Soon I am going to ski in Switzerland and usually when I go there I get very cold no matter how warm I try dress. I read a swedish article about a clothing named one piece jump in. It doesn't seem as its main purpose is skiing but I thought I'd ask here and see if it is good for this? It's not like I could try and see if it works because it's quite expensive and I don't wanna use it as anything else than as my skiing underwear.



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Fart bags are very warm.


That site is all in Swedish and has pictures of ladies' shoes. Not sure what it is. Maybe union suits (one piece long underwear?


One piece long underwear and fart bags have the problem that if you need to answer nature's call, it can be a challenge.


Layering is your friend.

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loved the warmth and comfort of my Helly Hansen one piece powder suit that still hangs in the sports closet but was a nuisance putting on and taking off without mopping up the floor. Use as many wicking  layers as needed, bib pants  and good shell are they way to go . 3ply gor-tex is a must.  

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For me just good quality Wool thermal underwear does the Job,   from there as said above,  just layer to suit personal need.



but good quality thermals come in differnet ply weave  so the thicker and tighter the quality weave you go,  The warmer a single layer can be.   The thicker and warmer they are the more you pay but I think it is worth it to pay more for warmth at the snow,  not there to be cold and being cold detracts from the fun!   So for an extra 50-100 dollars on good quality thermal base layer,  money well spent  and lasts for years!


-27 last year in Niseko and appart from small parts of my face the I couldnt cover,  not cold at all on exposed lifts.





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