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Originally Posted by liv2 ski View Post

So Nobueno, what happened?  Was it determined to be an impact hit as it appears in the photo?  I have about 10 days on my TST's and no issues to report other than some seriously fun skiingwink.gif

i dunno. i threw on some epoxy and it's been fine. had it happen in two other spots though not quite as long, but again just epoxied and it's fine. bases are durable as hell. topsheets not so much. still one of my favorite skis i've been on. light and responsive but not too soft. i'll be touring on it next year. 

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Did you ever hear anything from Armada?  How about the place you bought them since you say the photo doesn't show what's actually happening?  Pursue your warranty!  It makes no sense not to. Also, warranty claims make the manufacturer (and your ski shop) know there are quality issues.  No claim = Manufacturer never knows there's an issue.


My 9 year old free skis on Armada Coda Jr.s and is tough as tough can be on them (no rails, though) and so far so good.  We decided on Armada because they are such a good company and because they designed the Codas to be skiied on by kids skiing places they probably shouldn't (railings, roofs, etc). rolleyes.gif

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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post

?????  You need to post some photos that show that there isn't any impact damage to the ski in this area, or you need to be understanding that anyone with any experience with ski damage is going to call you out and say that there is no freakin' way that the metal edge is spontaneously bending inward into the ski and causing the base to bubble downward. I've seen hundreds of skis with this exact issue, every single one was impact damage... maybe this is different, maybe your description is misleading, maybe I'm just wrong, but... it sure sounds like you hit something from the side. Something like a tree stump, a rock or a rail.



Sounds like something impacted them to me too.  I've dropped skis onto other skis and seen results very similar to what you are describing.  

Originally Posted by JLTSKI View Post

Whiteroom - I hit things all the time; rocks, stumps, entire trees, snowboarders, and sometimes women and small children...but never rails. I've been skiing for 53 years so I've also seen a lot of damaged skis! I'm only reporting what I see, and it's not damage from an impact. I wish it was because it could probably be repaired. I'm an engineer by profession and I also know a lot about how these skis are made. There is no confusing delamination of a ski with a side impact. During fabrication, tension is created in the ski core, this can cause the very slight deformation I'm seeing in the metal edge when the polymer delaminates, shrinks, and pulls away from the edge. If I get time, I'll post a photo, but my edge and base look quite different from the photo on this blog string.


Feel free to "call me out," I don't really care. Bottom line is that I'll either have to waste my time dealing with the online place that sold me the skis or Armada. I doubt I'll get any action from either one, so I'm now in the market for new skis for next season - yippee!


Does it look like this?





Originally Posted by FujativeOCR View Post

Wasn't the Radius K a Cap ski?  The top sheets pretty much couldn't peel away on a cap ski, as they fold all the way down the sidewall.  Chips like you have are pretty common on sandwich skis, no matter the brand.  My K2 Public Enemy has a big ol' 2" by 2" chunk of top sheet missing. 


Plus yours definately looks like it was impacted.


Pretty sure it was a cap ski like all the K2s at the time.

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