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Ski Man Quick Model Ski Vice

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I'm looking to pick up a low end ski vice, and came across this...



Ski Man Quick Model Ski Vice.jpg

I generally like the design, and think it could serve my needs just fine, but with the skis in the vertical position looks like it's only 1" or so deep (red circle area). Maybe a weak point? More depth there would seem to provide more stability.


Anyone ever used one? 


The other one I'm considering is this Swix vice...


But I kinda like the idea of being able to clamp the skis when vertical as opposed to having

them in a slot. Seems like they might be more stable.

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 I have the same but little more versatile model:

 Works absolutely fine, even withe area you circled being only 1" deep... Skis are absolutely secure. If needed for added stability you just bring the two vises closer to one another...

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I've used the Swix, works well.

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Thanks for the feedback!

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The 1 inch depth is no problem at all - I've been using that same vise for over 10 years; when you screw those clamps closed, the ski isn't going anywhere, regardless of width.

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Ski Man sounds good; just ordered one. Thx (again) for chiming in.

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Ack, revived an old thread. Info no longer relevant. I'll go back to my cave now.redface.gif
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