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Hi all;

I'm soliciting opinions on length for a new ski. The ski is a Blizzard Mag 7.6, 2011, (no rocker). I'm 65, 5'8", 165 lbs, and a very good skier, (no bumps anymore). The Blizzard site recommends 165, (the ski is available in 157, 163 and 170). I'll be using it strictly in the East. I have a pair od Atomic Blackeye Ti's that are ~165 and have always felt I should have gone to 170. My "western" skis are 170.


Opinions on a length for this particular ski?

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Hi - What's your weight, and go you ski everything (such as off into the trees) or primarily groomers?

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FWIW, I'm 56, 5'8", 175 and skied the 8.1 (not 7.6) in 170.  It felt perfect for me. 

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If you mean the Blizzard magnum 7.6, then go 170 or maybe 177 if you stick to open spaces and higher speeds and it's not too icy.  165 is a good length for a SL ski for you, but too short for an all-rounder.

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