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looking for Salt Lake ski bud

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hello all, I'm new here. I live in SLC (moved from Los Angeles last year) and am looking for someone to go skiing with.


I just started skiing last year and would call myself intermediate.

I'm comfortable on blues and can do blacks but not exactly bomb them. 

If some one at a similar level wants to meet up at the slopes or carpool to them hit me up


also, if an instructor or expert level skier wanted to ski utah, you could crash at my house  and I'll drive you to and from the slopes and airport in return for a little instruction in the morning or afternoon... or whatever is fair 






I hope this is the right forum for this


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This is the right place, sort of.


To generate general interest in someone to meet up with, you'd probably be served well to post a question in the General Ski Discussion area, which is where I may move this for you.  


If you have a ski day planned and you want to generate interest for that day, you post it in Get Togethers, like this.


Glad you found EpicSki!  Hope your winter and search for ski buddies makes this the best ski season EVER!!


Think Snow!snowfalling.gif

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'Looking for bud' has a totally different meaning where I come from. Enjoy SLC!

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While I'm not exactly in SLC, it is the closest place for me to ski and I can easily do it in a day trip.  I'm in Green River, Wyoming, which is about 2 hours from Ogden or Park City.


I'm also looking for some to ski with, as my brothers both work every weekend and no one else I know can go or is any good.


In terms of ability, I used to ski a lot of blacks and there was very little I wouldn't ski, though maybe not with the most technical skill.  But that was a while ago (moved to go to college and Phoenix isn't known for its easy access to skiing) and I've only been a few times since then.  So I would assume my level is around intermediate, at least until I get more practice in.


I'm currently planning on hitting the demo days at the Canyons on December 10th.

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Sounds good. you can definately crash at my place place if you want.

I live in draper, about 30 minutes from the canyons. I'm about 15-20 away from Snowbird.


I can usually find cheaper tickets than at the resorts since I'm local.

I know they sell Canyons tickets at Costco for less. But I can usualy find them at ksl.com for even less.

Plus I found coupons online for brighton 2 for 1 night skiing. if you want to throw that in the mix.

it ends up being 17 bucks





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I moved to Utah from Fullerton a few years ago.


But I'm still not very good. 

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I just started last year myself, I'll go skiing with you.

Pick a weekend day and resort and email me.

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In case nobody ever told you, it is a very bad idea to post your email address in an online forum.  The spammers have spiders that continuously crawl forums looking for the @ .  You are likely to get buried in spam.

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