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Race Skis?

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I'm lookin for some race skis. Found some '2010 Rossignol Radical RX I-Box Composite Jr.' skis that I really like, I also found some (more expensive) 2010 Volkl Racetigers. I'm leaning toward the Volkls because that's all I've skied on (both racing and non!), but I've heard good things about Rossignol and they're loads cheaper... ($$'s a bit tight given I'm too young to get a job, parents think I should buy them myself to learn the 'value of a dollar' lol)... Do you like the Rossignol Radical RX race skis? Would you reccomend them?


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How much do you weigh? The Rossignols are a Jr. which will generally be less stiff than a standard race ski. (Although I haven't skied the Rossi Jrs. I own Elan Jrs. in 170 and have skied and liked the Atomic Jrs, - I weigh about 115.) In general, I have found the Rossignol race skis  to be less stiff than Volkl. Have you skied the Rossis?

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I'm just around 100lbs. And 5'2. I'm looking at the 150's (sounds right to me anyway. My 150 gotamas fit perfect)


Yes I've demo'd Rossi race skis before but not this year's model (I'm guessing they don't really change THAT much)... I liked them, have some good grip, stability, etc... I was thinking since I have some Volkl Gotamas as all-mtn skis I'd just get the Rossis because they're less $$ and I think they're pretty decent.(Even though I'd probably prefer the Volkl Racetigers because I used to have those - grew outta them tho)... Hmm...

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Race skis will be sized differently than all mountain skis. For someone your size, Rossignol recommends the 160 in that ski. That is if you are using it for racing. If you are using it for a general carver, I'd probably still go with the 160. I doubt you will be getting shorter and lighter during the coming year. Good luck and enjoy whatever you get.

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There are lots of good junior race skis out there at reasonable prices.  I don't think 100 pounds is heavy enough to bend an adult race ski.  Check out:  They have several previous year's models available there orther are other online sites.  I personally never buy used race skis because they have probably been tuned numerous times and may have les edge left for future use.


I've heard a general rule of thumb that 115-120 pounds is the upper limit for junior skis.  My 23 year old daughter weighs only about 110 and still skis on some junior GS skis and I can't keep up with her.  Good luck!

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