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Bridger Bowl

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I have to head to MN in a few weeks and figured I can shoot over to MT for little hiatus to ski...Bridger Bowl seems perfect assuming they have snow the week of Dec 4...Any suggestions on a place to stay nearby for a reasonable rate? Thanks all

post #2 of 6 shows rooms at the Best Western for dirt cheap that weekend. That is a good location right off the freeway and on the side of town closest to Bridger.

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Click on the Bridger Bowl tab in the Winter in Montana banner ad to win a Bridger Bowl vacation (or any tab for other deals at MT ski areas). 

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Big Sky will be open too.  It's snowing right now.

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So its about 1 1/2 if that outside of the airport? I will be heading doubt

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I vote for the Western Heritage Hotel.  Right off the highway (near the Hospital) and it is clean albeit rustic.  The price is right and it is my favorite Hotel in Bozeman believe it or not.


Note that Bridger is not scheduled to open until Dec 9 but Big Sky will be open Thanksgiving. Allow one hour to drive to Big Sky.



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