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Poll Results: Where would you go?

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    Kicking Horse
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flying tomorrow, thursday will be our first day of ski. Hopefully we get some snow.cool.gif

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Well, today was the last day of our trip.. it was even better than I expected!! When we arrived there was no snow at all, really shitty condition and it hadn't had snowfall for the past 3 weeks, so that had really lowered my expectations, but then it started snowing and we got 5-10+cm of fresh snow every morning!! I couldn't even have dream of this! I tamed the horse, and I will be back!

here is a shot of me in knee-deep pow. I don't want to go back to Quebec :(




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glad it worked out for you and I also hope you got to see the beauty of the Rockies in good weather.   

Road trip to Revy tomorrow, but the real goal is Kicking Horse Friday, then ?  Hope the conditions hold for us as well.   

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wasn't the road to Revy closed yesterday? You should get lots of snow, the forecast called for snowfall. When we leaved yesterday, there was 10+cm at base...


we got to see Lake Louise and Banff village on our way back. Damn, I wish I was still there, now back to work :D I will sort out my pictures and post the best here. again, thank all for your advice and I strongly suggest going to KH at least once in your life

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Road east of resorts has had some closures for avy control and then highway west of Revelstoke was blocked due to slides and major acciden. Too much snow falling, it is really tough being stuck here lol.  Currently unbelievably fabulous skiing to be had at both Revy and Kicking Horse. 

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Great to hear you're having a good time! I wish I was still there man... Back in my hometown, I went skiing for the first time since KH yesterday, fortunetaly we had over a foot of fresh snow overnight, so it eases the process of coming back to a shitty ski hill :D

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For whatever reason, this thread made it to the front page, with my picture. that's cool!

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Came back from KHMR on Febr 23 after 6 days of skiing and conditions were pretty sweet, particularly on Wed 22nd. Here are few pics.P1020736.JPGP1020758.JPGfresh snow on Redemption Ridge

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those pictures really render well the steepness of the hill! I had a couple nice runs there on tuesday (the day before these pictures). It's been only a week now, ansd I miss this so much already :(

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Whoo hoo...

thanks for all the good snow Deep turn, it usually snows after I leave.

I was also on the horse Wednesday the 23rd and perfect conditions and dayuuum are those ridges high.

The pass was closed we were told, because of an accident getting cleaned up and avy control, drove down the hill in Golden form Louise and their were 100's of semi-rigs parked every where.


Glad everyone had a good time....

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KH was very busy and only had 8 rooms available so deals were not to be had, quite a few US license plates in the parking garages.

My first stay at Palliser Lodge which was sufficient, no where near as nice as the Glacier Lodge but did the trick.



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