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Jackson Hole tix and hotels

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Heading out to Jackson Hole for a few days during Christmas and am wondering if anyone has found lift ticket booklets at Costco for Jackson?  If not any other place to find discounted lift tix?


Also has anyone stayed at the Wyoming Inn of Jackson?  Free shuttle to and from the airport, free internet and free made to order breakfast.  Seems like a good deal and it gets great ratings on TripAdvisor.


Any beta on where to go when the pow pow hits the mtn?  I'm be on the first lift every morning...just wondering where to head for fresh tracks.


Thanks in advance,


E From Atlanta!

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Can't provide specific advice about the Wyoming, but, discount JH lift tickets are generally not available, other than those obtained with a lodging reservation. I would contact the central reservations agency @ www.jacksonhole.net/  . They are agents for almost all JH rentals, including hotels, motels etc. You can also do a direct call to the Wyoming and ask about lift tickets as in the past motels & hotels had reduced pricing for lifts.


Realize you are staying in the town of Jackson and 8 miles from the mountain. Getting there for first run, without a dedicated car, means a ride on the local bus system. If you want first runs, look to stay in Teton Village.

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Living Proof - You rock!  Have been chatting with Jackonhole.net about discounts on lift tickets rentals and hotels....I think that is the way to go!  Appreciate the insight!

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Can't help with discounted tickets and don't know much about lodging.  I do know where to ski and can offer some tips there.  It's a big area and it really depends on what you're looking for.  Are you coming with a group?  Christmas is about as crowded as we get.  If there is any kind of a big dump that week, the lines will be out of control at least until after lunch.  One way around this is get a group of five and book a lesson with an early tram.  You go up first and don't have to wait in line for hours.  You also get line cutting privileges.  I have had strong groups nail over 20,000 vertical before lunch on a big powder day.  You will never do that without the ski school line.  At Christmas I usually wind up working about 20 days in a row and won't have the time I would usually find to show a bear around.  I could make a few suggestions for you when the time gets closer.


Check out central reservations and the Jackson Hole website for some package options. 

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