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Where to Go?

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My buddy(ies) and I are thinking about where to go for our ski trip this year.  About us:  2-3 50's expert skiers.  Terrain we like:  steeps.  Like Breck Y-chutes, Magic Carpet, Sadies, Lake Chutes, Eye of the Needle, Highlands Bowl, Jackson, Snowbird steeps.  Big bowls.  Challenging terrain.  Not into hucking.  Some hiking, but not excessive amounts.  Where we've been:  Jackson, Big Sky, Snowbird.  Places that are out:  Utah (get that anyway), Aspen (going in January to ski with Schanzy).  Places we are considering:  Crested Butte, Jackson, Big Sky, Kicking Horse.


What do you think?  we can probably only get 4 days in (leaving Thursday evening returning Monday evening or Tuesday morning).  


Our considerations:


1.  We want good conditions.  We are a bit flexible (probably) in picking where to go, but we don't have a totally unlimited budget, because

2.  We like to ski with a top instructor/guide.  In Aspen, we ski with a demo team member.  We like top level coaching, but as importantly someone who will help us access the mountain.

3.  As a result, some advance planning is necessary, both the manage the rest of the cost and to access the coach.

4.  Kicking Horse requires a lot of logistics to get to.  1 of us has been there.  He'd love to go back, but we are concerned about the time it requires to get there.


We generally get 50+ days in a year...




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every time i've been to kicking horse the conditions were great. As for steeps; too many to hit in one trip. I'm not sure about guides though..

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I've been to CB and KH and both will have the type of skiing you like.  Neither is easy to get to but both will have little to no lines (KH might have a line on weekend)  KH has literally hundreds of step lines but they are only a few hundred feet long followed by long mogul or grommer options.  Overall the runs are 4k vertical feet so they're really long.  If you go to KH you should ski a day at Lake Louise too.


CB also has a ton of steep lines.  The North face area is huge and over 2k vert.  Two additional bowls near the peak are fantastic too.  The best part are the long substained steeps to the far skiers left.  Over 2k of 35+ degrees, it doesn't get much better.  The town of CB is a lot of fun too.


Haven't been to Big Sky or Jackson but they seem great too.  You might also want to consider


-Tahoe (squaw, alpine, Heavenly, Kirkwood), easy to get to via Reno, lots of steeps

-Telluride, great steeps, especally if you're willing to hike

-Whistler, huge with lots of steeps, great town

-Taos (never been but heard it has great steeps)


Any of the above would be a blast, have fun

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