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Happy Birthday, Skier_j!

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It's been a wild ride (your life!), and I'm happy to wish you the best of all birthdays this year!   I hope you have many more to come.   We'll always be good friends and that truly makes me happy.   Love you always!  b

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Hey I almost missed this!  Happy birthday Jeff,  Glad to see you're keeping up with the rest of us.


What an occasion, been a long time since we've seen you post Bonni. Nice to see you, and hope all is well in the great northwest.

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Happiest of Birthday Skier J!

Hope the year ahead includes many happy turns!


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Happy birthday, SkierJ!!!!


How ya doin', Queen B?

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at my age we move slower and the eye sight is not as keen, just stumbled across this!  Thanks all.....and thanks for the miles Bonni!  I can attend the gathering now!

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