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What length Atomic Blackeye

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Hi all, been lurking here a short time.  I am in the market for new skis and have narrowed it down to the Atomic Blackeye Ti's at 82mm waist.  I can get a set of 2011s at a good price but am torn on what length, 167 or 174.  Below are some specifics on me and my abilities.


Mid-West Skiing, 70% on piste and 30% trees.  I go for 1 week out west for trees and powder.  Learned to ski on east coast mid-Atlantic.

Current set-up is Atomic BetaCarve 9.18s at 190 with a 62mm waist (I know, they are old!!!).  They worked great on east coast ice but feel a little long in mid-west conditions.

Height, 5'-9", Weight, 174 with just boxers, athletic (lift weights 3x per week for the past several years), age 40.

I have been skiing for 24 years but have limited skiing the past few years for young son.  He is now skiing!!!

Right now I would list myself as intermediate to advanced.  I usually have no issues skiing any black in the mid-west. 


I have season passes for my son and me for this upcoming season so looking to quickly gain anything I have lost.


No-one in my area (southern Wisconsin) carries the BE so I would have to order it anyhow and have gotten differing opinions form different shops.  What say you?


Thank you in advance for any help.

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in my humble opinion, the ski is kinda overkill for souther sconny and i suspect you're getting it for western use also.  if thats the case, 174 for sure!


have you considered a more groomer/carving specific ski for riding in these parts and renting when out west?  With a youngster,i undersand filling the basement with skis may not be realistic.





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Thanks for the input and very good points.  I was leaning toward a one ski quiver if possible.  I do get the opportunity at the ski area I go to to hit the trees that are little skied which is why I was thinking of a little wider waist than a carver and something for out west.  The tree skiing is where I was leaning toward the 167 but know that I will probably want a 174 for out west.  Last season, the 190s and trees just didn't play nice with one another.



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Hey Jon,  From one Southern Scony guy to another i did exactly what you are doing last year.  I think we have similar ski ability as well as history.  I skied a lot as a kid till about 20 then took time off for school/kids.  Now back into it with my three kids.  I am 40 also.  I went for a pair of Dynastar Sultan 85's.  We went to Aspen last year and are booked to go back again this year.  That trip alone played into my decision on what ski to get.  The sultans work fine at Cascade where we do the majority of our skiing.  I don't think you will be unhappy with your Atomics but check into a pair of the Sultans.  They get some pretty good reviews as a do everything ski and I thought someone was selling a pair on here recently at a pretty affordable price.



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Pretty much same story in size and age.  I have been hearing a lot of good feedback on the Atomics from the ski shop but wanted to hear about anyone actually using them.  Also, the Volkl RTM 80s are a ski I hear I should consider.  Any recs?

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