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Stockli Laser GS vs SX

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Has anyone had a chance to ski both of these skis and compare between the two??  I've read Dawgcatching's very informative review on the SX but was curious if anyone has skied the 2012 Laser GS as well??  I've been told that the GS is more snappy and better for Masters racing and Nastar, but the SX is a little better for the whole mountain but no so much for racing???






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I am currently in Obergurgl Where the snow is mixed. Chose the GS today and had a really tough day of skiing on them and they are superb. They cut through ice so nicely you don't skid around. My dad who is shorter and a better skier had the SX in a longer ski than mine, which makes little sense, and said that they grip very nicely as well yet are more of a piste ski than all mountain so do not work as well off piste as some all round ski's.The GS are much stiffer and you have to work but will be better suited if you want to carve into ice and shoot down. The SX are slightly softer so are better off piste than GS but not as good as other skis as still fairly stiff but still go like a bullet. Either ski is superb  and would not disappoint.

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