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World Cup Previews

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Good morning!


Does anyone know where I can find some good/interesting previews for the various 2011/2012 Alpine skiing World Cups?

There is absolutely nothing in Dutch, and in English I didn't find anything yet...


I hope someone can help me!




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Have you tried Ski Racing at

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Thanks for the answers, I think they will help a lot :)

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For good reviews, it always helps to follow athletes' blogs.


Hans Olsson ( has a great blog on WC speed,

Aksel Lund Svindal has a pretty good one (

Ted Ligety's posts are good and detailed but he's not the most consistent about posting (


Though I think the best ones are the people who are just on the cusp. Jon Olsson (Hans's brother, epic freeski legend, and burgeoning GS skier) has one of the best blogs around, covering his racing, his crazy cars, and his freeski pursuits (


Fellow Team TNT member Warner Nickerson has an entertaining blog about his attempts to make it big and score world cup points without USST funding and by the funnest methods possible (


Most athletes have some sort of blog. Find someone you like, find a writing style you like, and have a blast.


Leif Kristian Haugen has a good blog (and it's in English) that is a little more technical with training details, etc. (


Personally I also like to follow a couple skiers I raced against in the past, David Chodounsky, formerly of Dartmouth College fame (, though he doesn't post as often as I would like, and Charles Christianson (, a Williams College grad. Both are trying to make it after successful NCAA careers. Dave is now on the US B team, and Charles is fighting of years of injuries and trying to put together a solid complete season to reach his dream.


HOWEVER, probably the best WC previews and reviews come from Greg Needel, former USST WC Coach. He writes a blog previewing EVERY world cup in pretty good detail, and he'll review all the results too. Read it here:


Hope that helps. There are a ton of great racing blogs/websites out there. Hopefully others will share their favorites.

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This is a useful site:, and keep an eye on the Winter Sports section of the Eurosport site too. 

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