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Originally Posted by logruve
if they dont have any dealers spending/buying that much then they are worse off than everyone thinks they are. the company i work for has several single store accounts that buy in excess of that amount. not to mention the multi store dealers. you are the one in need of the reality check. i'd bet my bottom dollar that you sold more skis to pro's than you did to some shmuck that took a lesson from you.
I'd love for you to tell me of a SINGLE store that buys $100,000 worth of any skis. That is on average 300 pairs. I'm not talking "chains" .....I said single store.

In terms of the schmucks that take lessons from me. As per Fischer, I keep a spreadsheet of annual sales and yes my retail sales last year were about equal to my pro sales.

Lastly......how is Fischer doing? Here is a quote from another thread;

Originally Posted by troutman
In the US, there is no doubt that K2 and Volkl are currently the top players. K2 is the #1 brand in terms of pairs sold while Volkl is the #1 brand in terms of dollars sold. For this past season, K2 sold over 100,000 pairs domestically while Volkl sold almost 90,000. Volkl sold those pairs at an average wholesale price of close to $400.

Globally, it's a little different story. Fischer is believed to be the world leader in pairs produced. Rumors are close to a million pairs, but I can't substantiate this. Volkl does quite well in Europe - they are #1 or #2 in Germany, Switzerland and Italy. K2 does not do particularly well in the old world. I don't know if can be blamed on anti-American sentiment or not. More likely, this can be blamed on K2's lack of interest in racing. It seems the Euro consumer is still much more influenced by racing than freeriding.
K2 does do well in Canada, Australia and NZ.NZ.

Again......I'd love the name of the individual shop that orders 100k worth of skis from an individual manufacturer.
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100,000 grand for a single shop is not hard. in canada there there are many shops that order 100k in multiple brands for each store(not chains)
your other posts as references may want to check out the SIA for actual numbers not rumors.
fischer claims to be the #1 mfgr in the world but they count all the x-c and skis they build for salomon and volkl in their production. fischer branded alpine skis are probably 5th to seventh.
atomic/rossi/head are probably your best bet for actual branded production( the numbers fluctuate from year to year so best guess)
elan also produces skis for other brands that puts their numbers way up.
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bob,i'm unclear if you qualify as a pro or if you are a consumer so...it's great if after you "demo" they direct you to a shop to buy/order your ski of choice but it's another story if they're selling you skis directly. in a market that's shrinking it's very difficlut for most shops to get by, they work on very thin margins and it doesn't help when guys are selling skis on the hill for less than they had to buy them for at wholesale. i find it very hard to believe you cant find a carving ski demo in jackson, in fact we have dealers there that stock them.
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also rusty guy...we have several stores that spend in excess of 100,000 of our brand ONLY. granted that is skis, binds, boots, etc., etc. three of them are in southern vermont, there is one large store in pa. that last year, all vendors combined, bought 4500 pair of skis. ask the mid-atlantic fischer rep who that is.
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I'm not a pro (although I was once). However, I know all the ski school and patroller reps, so I can pretty much use their own demo skis whenever. That was my point; the on-hill reps will often have completely different skis than the tired lineup of every manufacturer's mid-fat, fat, and super-fat models that each of the shops carry.

Some of these super-shape slalom skis are now becoming more mainstream - and shops are starting to carry them. Nevertheless, the shops here (and I'm pretty familiar with the Salt Lake area) tend to stick to what's comfortable and well known rather than go out on a limb with radical shapes. "On-hill guys" will more likely bring in a pair or two of unusual shapes than will the shops.

On that note, if you can give me some shop names and brands/models here in JH, I'll happily go looking.

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Originally Posted by Bob Peters

I'm not going to lose too much sleep over the sad plight of the shops. Those same shops aren't losing *any* sleep over whether or not I have as wide a choice of demos as I would like.

Hear, hear! well-said, Bob.
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bob let me talk with our guy in park city and get back to you...
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part time instructor

Originally Posted by logruve
the vast majority of ski "pro's" dont really qualify for pro deals, end of story. how many full time instructors you got at your local hill? how many pimply faced 17 year old full time pro's do you know? it's a load of crap...everyone gets a deal and the shops get screwed. most vip's for the majority of companies are weekend warriors who don't do a damn thing but parade around as the on hill rep/big shot. there are some people who help promote but they are few and far between. as far as i'm concerened the only direct sale deals should be shop employee,legitimate full-time instructors and patrol...let all those other pro's (city folks with the weekend house, the benz and the six figure jobs buy their stuff at retail...how many of those doctors,dentists,lawyers,business people, etc. would give you 30-40% off of anything? not a friggin one.)
I am a level 2 part timer at a midwest ski area that has 3000 students in group lessons on friday and saturday nights average size of 12 in group I teach 1300 students a year including privates. The average part timer here sees 1000 students.Give me a break and tell me we part timers deserve pro form or do we have to teach 3000 kids
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clyde, how many skis did you sell?
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ski sales

I don`t rep but walked in 13 pairs of skis and 7 pair boots to the shop where I do bussiness approx retail value $6-7000.00 and had 22 of my cards given to the shop indicating who recomended them to the store for sales or service.I did the math and it worked out to 1 in 31 students made a purchase of some kind.The shop was very happy and made sure I was happy also.
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nice, want to move to alberta?
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i think thats fantastic! but honestly, how many people do you actually know that are like yourself? you are in the minority for sure.
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Not many but there should be.My first year teaching was a tight year getting pro form so I found another way to get it.
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